The defence attorney in the National Petroleum Fund (NPF) case, Kgosiestile Ngakaagae believes the matter is likely to drag on for the next five years.

The high-profile case continued at Broadhurst Magistrate Court this week, where Ngakaage had applied for the court to quash all charges leveled against his clients.

Among the accused are businessman Bakang Seretse, High Court Judge, Zein Kebonang and his brother, former Cabinet Minister, Sadique Kebonang.

However, Magistrate Masilo Mathaka dismissed the request.

Mathaka instead ruled that proceedings would continue on August 21, when he would set a date for the case to be committed to High Court.

The Magistrate reasoned it is in the interest of both the public and the accused that the matter goes to trial, as it will give the defendants the chance to clear their names.

It was not all good news for the prosecution however, as Mathaka declined the state’s request to amend the charge sheet – for what would have been the fifth time – to include three more unnamed accused persons.

For his part, Ngakaagae expressed their desire to appeal the court ruling, saying there was absolutely no reason for court to reject their application.

Speaking to reporters outside court, the attorney dismissed the case as a waste of time, adding it is likely to rumble on for half-a-decade.

“We are differing with the Magistrate in the sense that we still believe the matter is still not ready to be committed to the High Court. We still want to challenge the decision of the Magistrate to refuse to drop the charges,” said Ngakaagae.