North east council looking for new revenue sources
NEDC full council seating

North East District Council (NEDC) councilors have agreed in unison that the time is now to act vigorously and identify new sources of revenue, as the government is emphasizing on the importance of less spending.

Presenting the 2018/2019 budget proposals recently, Finance and Economic Development Minister Kenneth Matambo said the fiscal situation remains tight, with a budget deficit projected for the forthcoming financial year despite the positive outlook in the domestic economy.

Matambo has pleaded for financial prudence, adding that his ministry will be working on improving the efficiency of revenue collection and exploring additional sources of revenues.

Besides improving efficiency of revenue collection and exploring additional sources of revenues, Matambo said implementation of measures to contain and promote efficiency in the management of the country’s expenditure is of paramount importance.

Matambo, therefore, implored all those responsible for collecting government revenues as well as those accountable for spending, to assist his ministry in its pursuit of fiscal sustainability.

And it appears his imploration did not fall on deaf ears, as the NEDC civic leaders have vowed to do everything within their powers to ensure there is prudence in identifying new sources of revenues.

“We have been talking about new sources of revenue for a long time and it is now time to act,” said the NEDC Finance and General Purpose Committee chairperson, Dumani Kelepi during the council’s 2018/19-budget discussion on Monday in Masunga.

Contributing to the discussion, Tatisiding ward councillor, Majama Scotch concurred with Kelepi that there was a need for the NEDC to work hand in glove with the council employees for the development of the district and creation of employment opportunities.

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