No strings attached

Sometime last week while having lunch at one of the University’s refectories with my friend, I was drawn to a very interesting discussion that a group of girls and guys who were sitting right behind me held.
This lot was in disagreement on whether two people can be in a ‘no strings attached’ relationship otherwise known as being friends with benefits. I know I had no business listening to this conversation but really, who could blame me, it was a burning issue and plus you know the ears, they tend to gate crash people’s conversations.

Now, me being the person that I am, I listened attentively to these people’s argument and it seemed like most of the guys believed that being friends with benets can actually work, while most of the ladies were in total disagreement.
Well, it’s no surprise that this was the case, I mean guys generally are percieved to be less emotional so this wouldn’t be a problem for them, or better yet, they don’t think it would be a problem for them until they actually are in that situation.
And with the ladies, do I really need to spell it out, we are so emotional it hurts, this would denitely be a task for us, myself included.

So after listening to the conversation, a few hours later I watched the movies “Friends with benefits” and “No strings attached”, to remind myself of the very interesting discussion I overheard earlier. The impression I got from these two movies was that we tend to these two movies was that we tend to act tough and all and claim that we can handle certain things but really, once you get in there, you realize that you actually can’t handle the heat.
Most people who say they can be friends with benefits without emotions arising are basically fooling themselves. Basically, It’s easier said than done. To show that this isn’t just movie action, recently I had a bunch of friends in my room and one of the guys actually confessed that he thought no strings attached could actually work, until he was proved wrong.

He did confess that at the beginning, he managed to keep feelings out of the way but with the passage of time feelings then started to develop but he ended up being heartbroken because the girl had a boyfriend so really, nothing could be taken further, which only goes to prove that even with the toughest of guys, it’s all talk that no string attached can actually be maintained or maybe it can, but only for a while.
I would really like to hear someone actually say that they have been in a no string attached relationship and it really worked, I don’t buy it guys… That’s my story and I’m denitely sticking to it. There’s no such things as friends with benefits.

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chama boi

yah nna i lyk it u knw friends wth benefits becoz knw one wl hav a problem wth anyone

dusty binny

di FWB ke tsone, no stress babe