Culture Spears in a sex scandal as their lead Singer is accused of romping with dancers

A sordid sex scandal threatens to rip the iconic Culture Spears music group apart.

Allegations have emerged that the traditional group’s lead singer and founding member, Kabelo Mogwe, who despite being married, regularly romps with the band’s attractive, slender female dancers.

Should any of the dancers reject Mogwe’s advances, they are unceremoniously booted out of the band.

Speaking at an emergency meeting called by the 18 man group to discuss their lead singer’s sexual shenanigans, which was attended by Mogwe’s wife Magdalene affectionately known as Charma Gal, frustrated band members revealed, “Kabelo has a tendency of seducing the female band members. If you refuse his advances you are sent packing.”

Magdalene remained emotionless and placid, as she listened to numerous accounts of her husband’s womanising.

Bizarrely, when asked to comment by angry band members, Magdalene revealed that she was aware of her husband’s antics.

She said, “The issue of Kabelo sleeping with the girls is not new to me.”

The songbird, who herself has been accused of having an affair, continued, “In any marriage wrecking, the woman takes the blame. I have been accused of sleeping with other men. But now that Kabelo is being accused by the dancers, nothing will be said about it in the media. Men are protected all the time.”

Despite this, Magdalene has vowed to stand by her man and is not considering getting a divorce, saying, “For now we are both fine. Now my husband is sleeping with staff, which on its own is a challenge. We are just like any family with problems.”

However, it seems that lust is not Mogwe’s only misdemeanour.

Band member, Sepe Botshabelo, also accused him of mismanaging the group’s finances.

An irate Botshabelo claimed that Mogwe has refused to pay the band for stage performances for the last eight months.

Botshabelo also revealed that Culture Spears pays band members a paltry P150 appearance fee for each of the three monthly shows they hold.

In response, Magdalene admitted that her employees are not paid on time but absolved herself of any responsibility, claiming, “I am the signatory to our company account. But I don’t make the final decisions in the business.”

Contacted for his version of the story, Mogwe did not deny the allegations, and instead said, “If I sleep with them, do they have to report to you? All I know is that these are my kids – I can’t engage them in public. I will have to deal with them first, otherwise I can’t say anything.”

The band has vowed not to perform again until Mogwe apologises to the female band members and pays them on time.

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