HAND IN HAND: Moitoi welcoming Mugabe

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi has dismissed media reports suggesting possible bad blood between visiting Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe and his counterpart Ian Khama. (Photo By Jennifer Letshwiti)

Moitoi took a swipe at the media while waiting for Mugabe’s arrival at the Sir Seretse Khama Airport (SSKA) yesterday, accusing the press of deliberately creating animosity between the two leaders.

Moitoi’s outbursts followed media reports suggesting that President Khama had snubbed Mugabe who jetted into the country yesterday for a visit to the SADC Secretariat.

“President Mugabe is visiting in his capacity as the SADC Chairman.This is not a government or a State visit and this is why as a Foreign Affairs Minister I have to protocol him. That is why we do not have any guard of honour or hoisting of flags on street poles. The same would happen if our President was visiting Zimbabwe,” she said.

After Khama’s last visit to the SADC Summit in Harare early this month, the Zimababwean media reported that Mugabe watched in consternation as Khama sided with South African President Jacob Zuma as the pair partly blamed the nonagenarian’s misrule in Zimbabwe for the crisis regarding illegal migrants in the region.

“After Khama had launched into an unexpected outburst against Mugabe, which left some of the SADC leaders shell-shocked, he allegedly stormed out of the meeting and flew back to Gaborone, about four hours before the summit ended,” Zimbabwe’s Daily News reported.

Khama’s contention, according to the Zimbabwean media, was that applications for asylum and refugee status by desperate Zimbabweans were piling up in Botswana.

He also apparently drew Mugabe into a resources debate arguing that neighbouring countries were being forced to shoulder an extra responsibility to look after Zimbabweans instead of focusing on their citizens.

The incident was said to be just another round of clashes between the two after Khama snubbed Mugabe’s official opening and closing remarks at the 34th SADC Heads of State and Government Summit that was held in Victoria Falls last August.

When asked to provide clarity on the alleged Harare confrontation, Moitoi dismissed allegations that Khama was annoyed and had to leave the meeting early. “President Khama did not walk out of the meeting. He got permission and he had made it known that he would leave early,” she said.

“President Khama, in his comments on the issue of xenophobia, was that we cannot condone killings. He said each African country has to work hard at creating employment. He also said we cannot expect South Africa to provide employment for the rest of Africa,” Moitoi concluded.

Mugabe is expected to address a press conference at the Grand Palm Hotel this afternoon.

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simon motswagole

Ke mathata!


What a waste of time and waffle. the continent does not even have a court to try those who commit crimes against humanity protect those who need protection. The migrants are still crossing the meditteranean and not a word from the chair of the AU who is also the chair of SADC he should not have been apponted to chair these organisations he is a waste of time and space the ordinary people are suffering and no one cares for them If there was this xenophobic attack against africans on the european continent the african leaders would be cryinig foul… Read more »

young chakana

ga se mathata


Probably he had a lavish lunch while his people are starving and suffering and the rest of the world are taking care of his people shame on the african leaders

We,as South Africans,we are facing a very serious challenge,our ailing resources such as health,education etc are over stretched by this immigrants from Zimbabwe,Mozambique,Nigeria,Malawi etc,this is too much of us as citizens.The rate of fraud has increased drastically,foreigners are owning RDP houses and they receive social grants whereas we as citizens are told to accommodate them,I cannot now go to those countries and sell drugs without facing arrest as they do in South Africa,we are honestly fedup and tired,it is enough….


Good governance, and political stability is the answer to Africa’s problems,coups,and corruption won’t solve problems.


No one is starving in Zimbabwe because of Mugabe. I believe this man is the best leader Africa has ever had. Visit Zimbabwe and see how much they love this man. he has strived to make his people empowered. it only that his people currently do not have enough inputs and machinery BUT ZIMBABWEANS ARE OWNING EVERYTHING THAT BELONGS TO THEM. In ten years down the line, Zimbabwe will be the only country in Africa to be proud owners of everything that belongs to them.

I wish if i was a Zimbabwean. LONG LIVE MUGABE!!!!!!! LONG LIVE!!!!!!


I love my president. He is my hero. Long live Robert !!! long live!!!. Economic freedom in our life time. Africans we have to love and accommodate one another.


Its a pity that Khama is ruling Botswana like a woman, he is using his office to fight his personal grudges with Mugabe, Khama is gay and he is not happy about Mugabe’s stance on gay people. We all know that Mugabe is always doing good for his people and one day he will be an African hero, Khama is a woman lets leave him with his women attitude, that explains why he is gay.


Ditsala mo Moreneng,lets not involve ourselves in issues we don’t understand, if I heard Mugabe right yesterday, Tautona Mugabe o tlhalositse ha a ka se newe tlotla ya botautona ka a sa eta e le tautona mme ele cheremane ya SADC.

Se ke le nosi se nthuile gore re le bantsi ga re tlhaloganye ditsamaiso tse di amanang le mafatshe arona. ke eng re tshwanelwa ke go batla kgotlhakgotlhano ya mafatshe; lets respect our presidents


Not even a Court on the continent to prosecute those in positions who are doing wrong and when they are being taken to the ICC the african leaders are crying foul too scared because they know what happened to Charles Taylor . Not even a Court on the continent to protect ordinary citizens about their human rights. The west african leaders are dealing with the Burundi issue not this man. No one from Africa including the leaders care about the migrants from North Africa who some are meeting their fate drowning in the Mediterranean . women, children, men in their… Read more »

If you oppose someone without even hearing or receiving the message they are bringing to you, this is exactly how things become. When shall we learn to accept change and view things in a mature way. one last thing is that we preach ”botho” but yet we do not show it up for our elderly persons. If one is concerned with what someone is doing, lest you talk about what you saw did not please you not talking about peoples statuses you are not sure with. Something must be done to these culprits to cease this. An elder remains an… Read more »


“More than 900 migrants were rescued in one day from three overcrowded boats en route to Europe from North Africa, an Italian coast guard official said on Thursday. One body was recovered.”


I love President Mugabe batho.He is not afraid of a white man or does he need their sympathy.Mugabe stands for the truth that Africans should owntheir resources and i dont knw why others wants these western countries to finish everything.Long live and God bless Mugabe.Khama doesnt respect Mugabe bt Mugabe always says he will never attack an African brother.Whites have planted a system that if we dont dine wth them nothing goe well.
I love Mugabe and God Bless Africa

Africa for africans

who said “Zimbabwe is Mine” in front of a Global audience around the world He is a thief and a murderer
Did nothing to assist his people when there was a cholera outbreak and continues to do so

Africa for africans

P.S. and his a big racist and tribalist. Why is he always flying to Singapore for Hospital treatment and not utilise hospitals on the African Continent what a big bigot and hypocrite he is

Africa for africans

This Bigot, racist and tribalists children are being educated abroad whilst most children from poor backgrounds cannot get basics and a decent education