No respite for Kasane threat to kill suspect

Kasane senior magistrate, Nthabiseng Merafe-Tladi this week denied a man accused of attempting to shoot and kill his girlfriend bail.

A herdsman in possession of a gun, Lefetamang Mpho Mothobole, 29, allegedly went berserk on October 6, 2017 and threatened to kill his girlfriend, Obatile Kaisara after suspecting that she was cheating on him.

He was also alleged to have threatened to shoot and kill two other men, Muhinda Good and Oratile Langwane whom he suspected of pressuring his girlfriend into cheating.

State Prosecutor, Assistant Superintendent Paul Chaluza, pleaded with the court to remand Mothobole in custody, arguing that police investigations were yet to be completed.

Chaluza further argued that Mothobole was a danger to the three victims he threatened to shoot.

“The safety of the three persons whom Mothobole attempted to shoot and kill are at a high risk of being terminated. To protect the safety of three persons, it is advisable for the accused person to be further remanded in custody,” said Chaluza.

The prosecutor expressed fears that the accused person might take full advantage of his service rifle once again and fulfill his earlier intentions.”

When denying Mothobole bail, Merafe-Tladi, described the matter as a serious one and explained that granting the accused person bail at this juncture might prove disadvantageous to the investigating team and the victims.