No plot to kill Masisi- Khama

BUT DIS Director Magosi INSISTS President’S LIFE is under threat

Former President Ian Khama has dismissed recent reports of assassination attempts on President Masisi as nothing but a ploy by the BDP to cast doubt and suspicion on political opponents.

Speaking in an interview on the sidelines of The Botswana Patriotic Front’s Press conference in Gaborone on Tuesday, Khama said that it was totally untrue that there was a plot to assassinate Masisi.

“What is extremely unfortunate is that they know as well as you and I do that it is totally untrue, but when they keep putting it out there, it actually damages the reputation of our country. Botswana has always been known as a peaceful and stable country and we have never had a coup or reports of assassination plots in our country and we will never have those carried out, Batswana are a peace loving people and they will never resort to that. So this is an instrument to try to cast doubt and suspicions on political opponents, That’s all its about” Khama said, adding that following repeated claims of the assassination it finally occurred to him that the current regime could be plotting to implicate certain individuals.

“Up to now they have refrained from naming anybody because they thought they had put out enough information to cast a shadow of suspicion on myself and others of his opponents, so we are just watching to see how it is going to play out,” he said.


The former President also revealed that he was also aware of a recording circulating on social media whose sole purpose was to incriminate him and former DIS boss, Isaac Kgosi.

“The recording was trying to implicate us in the deaths of Gomolemo Motswaledi and John Kalafatis.

“We are aware that instruction was given out that evidence should be manufactured to plant that on us but that failed because it was too farfetched. We were nowhere near those people when it happened. Again it is not in our nature to do anything like that,” said Khama.

He further alleged that when that plan failed, “a new strategy, the assassination claims was hatched.”

“I can tell you categorically that there is no truth in claims that I wanted to do that or anyone is trying to do that.”

Asked to comment on Khama’s assertions, The Director General for Directorate of Intelligence Services (DIS), Peter Magosi strongly reiterated his stance that president Mokgweetsi Masisi’s life has been in danger.

“It is my responsibility to ensure the safety of a sitting president and i’ll do all it takes to ensure his safety,” Magosi stated.

Regarding allegations of a plot to manufacture evidence to implicate Khama on Kalafatis and Motswaledi’s death, Magosi said that Kalafatis killers were arrested and convicted by the court of laws while Motswaledi’s report indicated he died of a car accident.

“If there was to be a re –trial then people were going to know the truth but I respect the families of the deceased and I will not delve into that,” Magosi concluded.

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