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Bakgatla move their domestic animals to cattle posts

Most Bakgatla seem to have heeded to the call of their council to move their livestock from villages to cattle posts or risk losing them.

Villagers were asked to move their animals to the right places or have them confiscated and sold as matimela( lost animals which are sold in an auction).

Amongst those who have taken heed to the call is Former Member of Parliament Ray Matlapeng Molomo who says he decided to act as soon as he got the message.

“I have moved some of my cattle to the cattle post because it is the right thing to do. Besides causing road accidents they are also dangerous to people especially children as they are likely to gore and injure them. And because most are not looked after they also destroy people’s garden. The move will also save the beasts from being hit by cars and from the dirty water they drink because most cattle in Mochudi drink from the Notwane river which over the years has become polluted,” he said.

Quizzed on the cattle he has left behind in the village the former MP said: “I keep them in kraal where I feed and give them water. Anybody who decides to do likewise must also do what I am doing.

One of the villagers who also sees nothing wrong with moving livestock from villages to cattle posts is Oliver Motshegetsi Lesolle, 32 a taxi-man who keeps livestock.

“Cattle, goats, donkeys and horses must stay at the cattle post. That is where they belong ”, he said adding that those who choose to keep their animals in the village should be fined or have their cattle impounded and sold by the state.

However there are some who are against the idea and one of those people is Benjamin Sentsho of Morwa.

“I am aware of the dangers the animals cause but still feel some people take care of their animals so they must not be punished because of careless people,’’ he said.

At the time of going to press there were still some cattle roaming in Mochudi, Morwa, Rasesa, Pilane and Bokaa.

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Heh a molao o otle mo Kanye bathung ba nmodimo re lapisitwe ke goya mmolong le dikgomo .


a mafoko a mantle ruri,KGABOOOOO……….a leruo le tswe mo di mmolong,di bara,re lapile waitse ebile


Ijoo, tsa malatsi a dikgomo di itse gore go tolwa mo pedestrian crossing, oe mogoditshane o ta di bona dipodi le ditonki kwa. Villages are slowly becoming towns nowadays and cattle posts, villages jaalo. Go setse hela gore dikgomo di nne mo sakeng i forgot my agric.. di hiwa dijo hela hoo.