No mercy

Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) has threatened to come down hard on all its members, especially Members of Parliament (MP), aligned to the recently formed faction, New Jerusalem.

Speaking to The Voice, the party’s Chief Whip in parliament, Liakat Kablay revealed that an agreement was reached this week after a caucus was called to address the issue.

Kablay claimed that at the caucus, not a single MP stood up and admitted to being a member of the faction.

“We asked all the MPs whose names were circulating on social media to tell us their objective with their faction but none stood up. They were angry, wanting to know who put them there since they are not aligned to the so called faction,” explained the Letlhakeng/Lephephe’s legislature.

However, Kablay said it was clear that some members were using their money to divide the party for their personal gain.

“BDP has been having factions from long way back but never were they dividing the party or promoting tribalism. This one is uncalled for and we are going to take stern action!” he vowed, warning that even those who won primary elections would be recalled if they are found to be members of the New Jerusalem faction.

“We cannot allow such a small faction to break our party,” he added sternly.

On a different issue, Kablay said that the backbench demanded answers from Ministers on slow delivery of projects.

He said it was agreed that poor performing Ministers would in the future be called to answer for their modest work.

“We also realised that some of the people who sabotage these Ministers go and contest under opposition banner once they leave government. This shows that they have been purposely sabotaging us; we have to keep an eye on them,” he concluded solemnly.

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Is it not amazing that no one has the guts to stand up and own up! and it looks everything is done behind everyones back and they call themselves the NEW JERUSALEM they should call themselves the DEVILS ADVOCATE?