No joy for Zimbos
SAD: National star Khama Billiat after the team’s loss

If teardrops were pennies and heartaches were gold, I would have all the riches my pockets could hold

These lyrics from one of Dolly Parton’s songs came to mind as I pondered on what to write about this week.

Though it’s a love song, I somehow felt it spoke to me and my fellow country because of the heartaches caused by our economic situation.

Actually, besides the everyday struggles, another heartache was caused by the defeat of the national soccer team (The Warriors) at the on- going Africa Cup of Nations.

I am not a soccer fan but during such tournaments I become one because of the hype in the country and at home.

In the build up to the match last Wednesday when The Warriors played against the Ugandan team, Zimbos united despite any other differences and rallied behind the team.

Even when they drew when the expectation was a win, the nation remained hopeful that it would win the next match and proceed to the next stage.

When that dream was shattered on Sunday after their loss to the DRC, many hearts were broken.

The happiness, the jubilation that many had hoped for, became nothing but a dream.

My husband sighed in despair when it became clear that the Warriors would be heading and I could imagine the same feeling from millions of Zimbos across the country.

If the team had won, I have no doubt that the nation would have found something to smile about and maybe for a second forget about the daily struggles.

But as some would say, happiness and joy never loved us a country.

On the economic front, things have gotten worse since the banning of the multi currency system and the re-introduction of the Zim dollar a week ago.

While the local currency has strengthened against major currencies, prices of basic commodities have been going up, further eroding people’s incomes.

Fuel on the other hand is still in short supply.

As for electricity, the majority of us have learnt to adjust and have accepted the situation, as power is only available for not more than 6 hours a day.

And while all this happens, they continue telling us to be patient and that things will be fine.

If there was an indication that we were heading for better to days to come, many of us would be optimistic about the future but as things stand, with prices being adjusted upwards almost every day there is no reason to be hopeful.

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