No to factions as Molao goes alone

Member of Parliament for Shashe West who is also the Assistant Minister of Tertiary Education, Research, Science and Technology, Fidelis Molao nearly had a bad year last year after his name was mentioned in the infamous Sebina Saga where an area councillor was taken to task by the social media for impregnating a student.

It is a matter that he does not want to talk about since the investigations in the matter are still ongoing.

Molao is an additional member in the current Botswana Democratic Party’s Central Committee.

It is the same position that he will be contesting for at the upcoming July Congress in Tonota.

The Voice Staffer, Daniel Chida talks to the man who is opposed to the party’s lobby lists.

Q. BDP is going to its National Congress and we see people contesting for positions in the Central Committee while you still want to go back as an additional member, why?

It is not that I doubt my capabilities of challenging for a position, but I am saying sometimes you assess and you see other people in the mix with better qualities to serve that you don’t have.

I have the right to contest but I cannot just contest for the sake of contesting.

In future I will challenge for the DSG position and SG looking at the good work that I have been doing as secretariat.

Q. Which lobby list do you belong to between Vice President Mokgweetsi Masisi and Nonofo Molefhi?

People know me as a close associate of the incumbent SG, Botsalo Ntuane and I can comfortably say that I will canvass support and vote for him.

I believe with his knowledge and expertise he is the right man we need as we head to the next general elections.

For the Deputy SG there are many hands there but I will prefer not to name my candidate.

I want to follow the same strategy that we used at the Mmadinare Congress where we did not have any strict lobby list.

I supported Ntuane and even now I still do but I don’t belong to any faction.

Q. Why are you not aligned to any faction?

Factions are not good for the party in the long run because of the language used when campaigning.

If you look at the current Central Committee, it is united and there are no differences because they were voted not according to their factions but strength.

We want a repeat of what happened in Mmadinare.

We have been getting reports of party members fighting each other and if you carefully look into it you will find that they fight along factional lines.

Q. Why should democrats vote you back?

I know how to communicate the message from the party to the voters in a manner that will be acceptable to both within and outside the party.

I have time to work for the party and recruiting members. I do not only focus on my constituency.

I go all round and can relate with the ordinary folks in the villages. I am also known and have worked with all in the party.

There is no BDP member who does not know me. I also have the energy to go around the country and sell the party.

The currents procurement of the Gripen in Sweden when we have bad roads has proved unpopular among Batswana, how are you going to explain that to the nation?

People may not agree with the decision, it is in our nature.

If there is procurement of anything there needs to be justification and there will be two sides on that.

Those on the other side of the table would have looked at the scenarios on why they are doing that.

Some decisions will be popular while some will be criticised but that does not make them bad decisions.

Aircraft procurement is a process, it is not like that of a car.

I agree with you regarding the bad state of our roads but I can tell you the tender has been advertised.

P150m each year over a period of three years has been secured from the transport levy.

Q. 2019 general elections are around the corner, are you seeking another term?

Yes, there is lot that needs to be done in terms of development and maintenance of bad roads.

Water situation is very bad and I want to fight for my constituency to get all that including two police stations, one in Sebina and another in Marapong.

I cannot leave my constituency in that state.

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