No easy walk to parly for Saleshando

*UDC woes dent BCP campaign

*BCP/ BMD rally behind Mbulawa

Umbrella for Democratic Change Vice President Dumelang Saleshando is alleged to be finding it tough at his new constituency, Maun West.

Information gathered by this publication has indicated that BCP’s old Maun west branch committee and two prominent council candidates who lost the party’s primary elections have decided not to work with the party president.

Instead the disgruntled council candidates have chosen to become independent candidates.

Some of the party members are said to be pointing fingers at Saleshando, blaming him for the poor BCP performance in 2014 general elections.

There is also talk that the disgruntled members from both BCP and BMD are now campaigning for Botswana Democratic Party candidate, Reaboka Mbulawa in defiance of their president.

“We have some BCP members in our teams who are helping us to win back the constituency because they have fallen out with Saleshando. Some accuse him of having been captured by Botswana National Front (BNF) and not fighting for the party to get its winnable constituencies back in 2019. So we are on good on ground right now,” Mbulawa said.

The ruling BDP candidate also claimed that Saleshando was focusing on trafficking voters, a thing he said they were going to expose with the help of BCP and BMD members who have joined his campaign team.

“BMD members are also accusing Saleshando of usurping their constituency before unceremoniously kicking their party out of the coalition. They are not joining the BDP but supporting me as an individual,” Mbulawa explained.

Saleshando confirmed that he had lost some members after primary elections. He said that going into the race, he did not expect to find it easy as people have a tendency to vote for the ruling party without considering the caliber of representatives offered.

“Of course I had a minor setback by losing some of our members but Mbulawa will never beat me. I faced tougher opponents like Dr Margaret Nasha before and won.”

Saleshando said that BDP considered Mbulawa to be a lightweight politician.

“He will never get a proper leadership position within the BDP but apart from that, people will vote for someone who can articulate issues of concern as I do. We will have swing votes,” said the BCP president confidently

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