No closure for family of missing man found dead
DECEASED: Motshware Bashi Mothomogolo

*Human bones found in search of Serowe businessman

*Tension between mother and wife mounts

An extensive search for a Serowe businessman who went missing last year was carried out in vain.

The search, which extended to the cattle post where bushes were scoured by a police search party culminated in a heartbroken mother’s desperate and impassioned plea for her missing son to come home for Christmas Day.

This week the remains of the 53 -year -old businessmen who vanished on December 1st 2015, after a heated argument with his wife were found not more than 10 kilometres from his cattle post in Goche.

Motshware Bashi Mothomogolo of Makolojane ward in Serowe had allegedly stormed out of his home complaining that he was tired of living with a nagging wife.

His remains were found with some bones missing.

But instead of the family finding closure and uniting in grief to lay Mothomogolo’s remains to rest, fresh tension has broken out between his wife and his biological family, with each family hosting prayers in the two respective homes.

Speaking in an interview this week, the deceased’s ageing mother, Leah Mothomogolo said she struggled to sleep for the past nine months that his son was missing.

She said what hurt her the most was the tension between them and their daughter- in -law.

No closure for family of missing man found dead
GRIEVING: Leah Mothomogolo

“This is a difficult time for us and what makes it more difficult for us to bear is that we cannot even visit her to mourn with her. It is painful that I don’t even know what killed my son and that some of his body parts are missing. At first I thought he was just angry and he would come back. His sister kept on calling his phone hoping he would answer. We certainly did not expect him to be found dead,” said the grieving old woman

When reached for a comment, Mothomogolo’s widow, Godiramang lashed out in anger.

“ Stop making money out of my personal life. Don’t you realize you have caused enough damage already? Go get a comment from my in laws because they are the ones who called you when my husband went missing,” she shouted.

Confirming the incident, Serowe Police Station Commander Molefhe Molefhe said, “We suspect the bones belong to Mothomogolo because we found his clothes, mobile phone and his documents at the scene. We have sent a sample for DNA testing and are waiting the results since the crime scene was already contaminated looking at the time frame and how the bones were scattered all over. It is still difficult to know the cause of his death although we found a wire on a tree that was not far from where the bones were.”

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