The Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) launch of new members reached an anti climax on Monday with no big names that many who thronged the venue had anticipated.

Instead of independent candidate, Guma Moyo and Gaborone West South MP Botsalo Ntuane who were speculated to be ‘the big fish” that were caught by the BDP net, only six former members of Botswana Movement for Democracy Youth League (BMDYL) rejoined the ruling BDP at the Monday celebrations.
Amongst those who were welcomed back were former youth committee chairperson, Armstrong Dikgafela, former vice chairman Tobokani Kudzani, Secretary General Roslyn Pansira, vice Secretary General Sasa Nthite, Kagiso Kwelagobe and Ruth Kedikilwe.

Explaining why they left the BMD which they formed after breaking away from the BDP last year,prodigal son, Dikgafela claimed that they were misled by few individuals who wanted to exploit them for personal benefit.

“The BMD President, Chairman and Secretary General frustrated our efforts to recruit more members and they were ill-treating us,”said Dikgafela.
He further claimed that the youth were misled by people who exaggerated problems within the BDP to settle personal vendettas.

Prophesying doom on opposition parties , Dikgafela said that the  BMD was headed for ruin because of immature leadership characterised by hate and propaganda while the fight that initially led to the breakaway of the BNF and the  formation of Botswana Congress Party was still very much alive.

In his ‘kiss and tell’ speech Dikgafela further revealed that the factional wars within opposition parties were behind the collapse of the opposition unity talks.

The young leader however suddenly became mum when he was asked to comment on rife allegations that he ran away from the BMD after misusing P25 000 that was generated from T-Shirt sales for fundraising purposes.  Efforts to get a comment from BMD leaders hit a snag as their mobile phones went unanswered.