The Minister of Education and Skills Development Pelonomi Venson –Moitoi recently announced that there will be no allowance increment.
This obviously did not go down well with most tertiary education students. Things are just too expensive, nowadays one can spend over P600 just buying breakfast food and a few toiletries. What about lunch and supper, clearly if a student is expected to do well in school they need to eat three meals a day, breakfast, lunch and supper, kana  jang bafetu?  We just can’t study well when hunger has taken over.
I do understand that money is also being used to sponsor those who have been rejected by the University and other institutions like B.A.C.
Sometimes I feel like the ministry is setting the bar too low for entry to tertiary. The ministry must make it clear that it will only sponsor students who are serious with their studies, then maybe people will get serious. So if you fail or have not passed enough, looking at the nations pass rate, then you won’t get sponsored. This will mean money will be available to increase allowances of those who deserve it.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that certain people don’t deserve to be sponsored by the government. I’m just saying standards should be set high for entry into tertiary institutions because if every Jack and Jill gets accepted then the institution will certainly receive no respect. Take for instance Havard University, it’s a hustle to get accepted there, go kgaphiwa sethito (you really have to work hard to be accepted). So why not do the same here, not just the University but all other tertiary institutions.
I spoke to some tertiary students on how they survive with their monthly allowances and this is what they had to say…

Katlego Pilane : University of Botswana Student
Are you an on campus student? No.
How much is your allowance? P1420.00
Is your allowance enough? It’s not enough because expenses like transport, lunch, toiletries including clothing exceed the money that we get because when we come to the university our parents no longer support us. They think that the allowance we get is enough to carry us through. Another major problem is that students can’t even save to buy laptops which are essential for school assignments and projects. Because of this we end up spending more money at the internet café and all because the school computers are not at all enough for all of us

BAC Student: Wame Moshogo

Wame Moshokgo: BAC student
Do you live on campus? Yes
How much is your allowance? P150.00
Is it enough? Not at all, I rely on my parents to help me out. P150 can’t even cover the toiletries that I need. It’s only enough for airtime and transport when going to town to buy a few things. The most frustrating thing is that we are forced to eat at the university because we would have paid for the food even when we don’t want to.

UB Student: Pako Sebitla

Pako Sebitla: University of Botswana student
Do you live on campus? Yes
How much is your allowance? P1200.00
Is it enough? It’s not enough because now days everything is expensive. We have to buy food and toiletries and during mid-month when we run out of food some of us just stay in our rooms and not go for lessons because we cannot attend classes on hungry stomachs. We can’t even get clothes for ourselves, unless we get extra money from our parents. Some kids end up getting sugar mommies and daddies to help them in these tough situations.

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Helang!! bathong tht money its nt ur basic sallary so stop being concerned about the increment of ur of ur allowance ba ta le okeletsa fa go na le madi.Rona ba bereki ba ga goromente re sa okeletswa madi lona le ka okeletswa jang tota a ko le tseneng sekolo le ithute le te le iperekelele madi a eleng a lona eseng allowance.


heela wena DT o tlaare o bua eng, o kile wa tsena mo universiting tota wena?dithuto di thata mo, ga se primary, o ka tsena jang sekolo o bo o ithuta o tshwerwe ke tlala.P1200 ga se madi a sepe, re lapisitswe ke go sokola bo ramadeluka ba tsaya difridge tsa ma46000, Raya Moitoi a ntshe madi a togele go sponsara batho ba ma4points


Heela wena Ditirinomi,tota wa bo o bua efe kgang?


I still dnt understand why these kids are paid for going to school. the govt shud just focus on paying their tuition fees, batsadi will do the rest as they did ko senior school


Spinach o bua nonsense multiplied by rubbish,y o batla go tshwantshanya tertiary le senior?


a ko le tsene sekolo le lese go ipata ka madi. The allownace you are given is a privilege and not a right. If you guys think its not enough find ways of supplementing it. le ka leka go tlhagola le go tlhatswa ka weekend. Re duela ma zim ma P100 go dira tiro tse! Fa le sa kgone raya batsadi ba lona ba le thuse


@ cairs, whats the difference between tertiary and senior, apart from the way lessons are conducted, course material and that you are treated as adults? Spinach is right, ur parents should take care of your welfare and governemnet just pays your tuition and text books.

le rona re tsene ko UB, we used the little that we got wisely and had our parents taking care of the shortfall. Mo ga lona ga empty stomach le ipuela ditsiabadiomo.


@ tutu dilo tsa kgale morena ga di tshwane le tsa ka jeko.


y’all people talking about how allowance e sa tshwanelang go okediwa ebile its a privilege not a right ga le itse sepe, madi ao its a LOAN, re tsile go a busa kana lona FNB e le fa madi mahala?…Imagine someone from shakawe a nna off campus, a sa itse ope mo Gaborone, back home go sena a stable means of income and a tsenelwa ke 1400, a nna ko tlokweng cos the rent e botokanyana, (400 bucks in a rather not very comfy room) and now o tsena ko limkokwing(block7) that means o palama twice on the way to… Read more »


@ cairs. boy, i pay ur tuition fees and give u pocket money. I pay ur grandfather for being old. i buy ur aunt arv’s. when ur aunt dies, im goin to feed her children. i buy ur siblings tsabana. i pay ur grandmother for being poor. and u want me increase ur allowance? cant taxpayers money be used wisely? focus on ur books and make urself a bright future

mis o

no comment!!!


rona re sala re itlhobogile,kgale!


Kante Cairs, wa re pharologanyo ya tertiary le senior ke eng ko ntle ga tse ke dikwadileng? Dilo tsa kgale o raya eng? I recently completed my masters and has not seen any difference except gore baithuti ba malasting a ga ba iste se ba se tsenelang sekole. A batsadi ba gago ba go thusa ka sengwe tota? Wena Amantleotlhe ke mang a go reileng a re ka gore ke LOAN you deserve a bigger share mo allowance coz you will payback? Loan e o fiwang eo go na le yo o tshwanetseng go bona gore re ka go fa… Read more »


lo ska wara bo babes, re teng rona bo sugar papa. eish ebile go tlare ke e go batla 2 ko bac, kante bile ga ba je sepe jaana..

Chris M

Do these students really understand how deep in debt students in some of the western nations are by the time they finish their training? You all need to grow up and do so quick! How much does a minimum wage earner with 4 kids at home take to them? Consider yourselves lucky and get educated for God’s sake! You are way better off you lot than you realize! Think about a student getting P1200 per month living on campus and complaining about it! Wait till you start working! Unbelievable!


bt its aint fair cz an offcamp student in Monach takes P3020,while incamp takes P1600 so look at this differens and compar it wth ub,1420 and 1200 bt pula e lekana hela le Rant this days,nd le rona boroko bo a tura kwano le dijo tota,so ministry gao organised

Rraagwe Software

@ moshawasha. Do u think ur father can give u P1200 every month? evrytime u complain, u hv to think abt ur hungry, poor relatives and consider urself lucky to be having this govt


rent 600 food 400 transport 250 stationary 50 clothes 400 motsadi 200 ya gae 200 =2100 heee!!!! ga a le kane 1420 naare goromente a ko o leke-bo golo re tswapinyetse ene 500 o le fela ga 1 pls


@Tutu, nnyaa tota frankly speaking there is very huge difference between a senior school and tertiaty, unless you are at the wrong institution and the wrong cause.

@Spinach, let’s try to be sensible, don’t just be critical ekete o wa ko godimo, you are not the only person being taxed,consider gore bana ba sokola and dilo dia tura mo go utlwisang botlhoko, a bana ba adingwe madi aa enough to take them through…bana ga ba na dikoloi, mme are expected to go skool eleke dag…. are tlhaloganyeng

roy wa ga sesana

bana ba malatsi a ba rata mokgabo le menate thata,ba rata mponeng lotlhe wa dibatana ba ise ba bereke,ke sone fela se se ba ngongorisang.Rona re ne re tsenela dikolo go tsoga re na le se re nang sone gompieno,we admired ba na le dilo in order to improve our selfs ra tla ra tsoga re kopiwa le rona.So bone ba rata fast life,ba batla gore by the time ba fetsa dikolo a bo ba agile,funiture e tletse ka ntlo,ba tsamaya ka dikoloi,thats all se se barang se re madi a manye,but if they focus on studies and know gore… Read more »


tota nna ga ke itse gpre ba ba tshwanang le bo ditironomi ba buang coz ba a bereka,imagena ele ur brother or sister ale ko tertiaring how wil u fil ka dis situation? bangwe u just talk cz u got beaks.i dnt lyk dat tertiary students ba tshanetse go okeletswa allowence nxa!!!


batho ba bangwe ba ipuela hela, ga ba itse gore mo tertiary go diragalang. mxm!


I remeber 1920,hei mme le gone ne go tshwana fla,madi one gake a nna mantsi,thaloganyan, u beta aim 4 ur own,o tle o kgone go ngongorega o itse gor o bereka go gongwe,bt nw ke tsa gore dilo dia chencha,ra go duelela bana barona,ha le sa chenche sengwe


Appreciation that one has a well funded education is key. The aim is to meet sponsored students half-way and not to spoon-feed them as some of you presume.I agree that the cost of living becomes increasingly high with time but what we do not realise is that it could be worse.You could be without an education if our government was not handing out bursaries as it is now. It’s blessing really to have what our government is doing for the students at the moment. Count your blessings and focus on getting an education. Lets begin to complain for money when… Read more »

Boy Mfana

Batho ba bangwe ga ba kgone go tlhaloganya. ba itebatsa gore ba ne ba tsaya allwnc ya bo 1900. gone jaanong bcauz o feditse o batla e fokodiwa mme a ne a e ngongoregela le ene.

the die hard

o ta se tsena ene Ministry!whts d use of wasting tution money n student attend scarcely?go raya gor govi o jewa ntsoma cz o duela madi gor batho baa dirise yet ga ba ye sgela cz ga bana madi!its beta u stop all ds sponsorship thing!u failing the youth of ths country.

the die hard

nnyamme Wame Mashogo oka tshosa ditsitsiri ha motho aka nna le ene gaa maswe mo go tshosang!ke ka utwalla mafela kagore hela haa mmona aka sia!o botokanyana mogo baba ntsi!kana ba bangwe ba oka ditsitsiri


You guyz are complaining becoz you got paid less for your education! OMG…. I just love your government because it is the least corrupt and tries to give the maximum benefits to its people…. You should really appreciate what you are getting may be your children might not get the same benefits which is given to you….( how long will the govt be able to support you….) You also will learn to value your education when you pay from your pockets. Parents have to become responsible when they bring children into this world,,,,in other countries it is the parents who… Read more »


You guys should be appreciating the little that you are given…you are mot working, you are studying the problem with you guys like spending much on expensive things…of course things are expensive but you need to know how to use money. You have to be taught how to use money. Just appreciate the little we are given guys.


@Moshawasa: wena o bua dilo fela waitse yes Off camp allowance ya bo Monash ke R3020(rent alone ke 1500 if not sharing a room excluding dibill and transport cost) an pls consider that this is a foreign country. yes allawence e nnye but at times try to use the limited resources wisely then they can work wonders for. some students consider sharing rooms gore go nne le surplus nyana.

Lt Gen

bo spinach go ipoelwa hela waitse,le gale ga twe mmua [email protected][email protected] o bua a gagwe ga gona gre re tlaa reng..

Lt Gen

Le gone ths allowancenyana ya teng e rile e fokotswa it was unproportional mo eleng gore bo i support the motion erile a phadimoga a bo are P500 pula le yone reduction is not fixed and descrete,it has to be continous

Monna gaa botswe

To dose hu think dey hav da world all figured out n think we dnt deserv an allowance increament.. Yal r just pathetic n hav a complacent way of thinking!!


waitse ba rent ya P400 ba botoka, juzt imagine yo o duelang P850 evry month gore o salelwa ke bokae from P1400, dijo n toiletry o di reka ka eng n what about transport to go to school and stationary. Excludin all these other things tsa go kgaba, bagolo inneed of ur cash, allwence is 2 small. Yo o reng standards should be set high for entry to terciary le ene ga a bue sepe, batho ba bangwe cant affrd 2 gt 48points but they want to have acces to terciary education as wel as da other person gore le… Read more »


Wena DT summin z wrong witchu…imagine staying as far as Mogoditshane, renting 4 dat matter(>=P500)+ skuling at say BAC, i.e u ride twice to and fro skul(almost >=P50 a day 4 lunch & breakfast @ skul)>=P1000 a month,already more than what students get and yet nat bought everything you “need” to survive…groceries,toiletries and whatnot_no luxury! Someone has to do something bout this,in the end its th students hu get to pay it back so nobody looses,ba ba reng madi a tshameka ba itse eng?<<>>


Mxxxm, if you guys think the allowance is not enough why dont you go crying to your parents to help out. Those who say we get loans ko bo FNB, tell your parents to do the same. If u think u stay far away from school get accomodation which is not that far off. If you guys think a loan is just given willy nilly, get your head examined. You cant just go into a bank and say you need a million coz at the end of the day you pay it, say in 25 years. Your loan is approved… Read more »


whats suprising is that you will find that most of all who are complaining have parents who can bail them out. For those students whose parents are not well off, they are managing to do a lot with less and have change to send home out of the allowance.


@ tutu. stop arguing with these kids. They are just powerless, hopeless, stubborn rascals who should be concerned about their poor marks and how to rescue their poverty stricken families. bana ba bahumanegi ba dingalo, they never stop complaining.


o tla fitlhela motho a kgala di points tsa bana ba bangwe, we want allowence 2 help improve our studies nt 2 drink alcohol cauz we knw ko re tswang teng unlike u yo o batlang go ja motsadi frm birth. Re batla allownce nthng much more


Bana ba sgela u like money 2 much alwaz dreaming yone allowance fela. U must learn there no sweet with sweat


Bana ba sekolo le rata dilo mme dilo tsone ga di lo rate, nna ke bata le fokoletswe allowance eo e ntsi fela thata ka gore ga lo itse sepe lo bana ga lena basadi le athokomelwa ke bo mmalona.



mis o

hahaaaaaaaaa!allowance tota?thanks God i never got a chance to be sponsored,but now i’m happy about that co’s i dnt need to complain about anything.


wena Lt gen ke dumelana le wena gre mmua [email protected][email protected] o bua gagwe, ke ipotsa gre ba ba reng parents should giv us money and sponsor us, wht abt those who dnt hav batsdi and they are the breadwinners ko malapeng a bone jst bcz they get that kgodisa ya allowance…i hv got a feeling ya gre ga ba na bana ba ba tsenang mo tertiary skul, so ba jalasa,stop it!!! moitoi rebtla zaka plizzzz!


monash not monach

mad j

waitse ga le itse sepe; dilandlord di gweba ka rona, motho wa teng o oketsa rent every semester. we are trying to cope ka 1420 but eish go thata guys; mma Moitoi a leke go controlla di price tsa matlo. most of you guys ba le akgatseng ga ke bone le itse kgoro ya university, how can you compare senior school and tertiary; they are totally differrent things! next time e tla a bo e le wa gago ngwana, tax e duelwa ke rona, we will see gore o tla ja monate re bua jaaka le bua jaana. a modimo… Read more »


@ madj. ware o tsena ko university wena? hw can mmamoitoi control di price tsa matlo? are u normal?


@leny, what do you know about cash tota wena? kana motho fa aa godiseditswe mo letlepung la madi o lebala le gore ba bangwe bone ga ba na madi. so if u are spoiled up to the old age level, dont claim gore le rona we are like you. rona gape re batla go itlhokomela not to overload our parents. u shud be juzt queit n never comment cauz u make no sound/ point.


I was a student n I know botlhoko jwa teng. tlhaloganyang bana.We are all people no matter you are working or not.Ba reka mo shopong tse lo rekang mo go tsone, they rent as you also rent.there is no prices for students. you are better because you bugget for basic needs, bone there is additionals such as use of internet cafe and other school materials that school does not provide.our schools are poor , they dont have enough facilities


I was a student n I know botlhoko jwa teng. tlhaloganyang bana.We are all people no matter you are working or not.Ba reka mo shopong tse lo rekang mo go tsone, they rent as you also rent.there is no prices for students. you are better because you buget for basic needs, bone there is additionals such as use of internet cafe and other school materials that school does not provide.our schools are poor , they dont have enough facilities