No African fleek
African Attire on Fleek Picnic

Shaya is disappointed by a statement that was issued by the organiser of African Attire on Fleek Picnic regarding the none appearance of the star artist, Simmy from South Africa.

The organiser, David FiftyTwo Letshwiti mentioned in the media that they learnt of the cancellation of the 2000hrs Johannesburg-Gaborone flight at 1800 hrs and it was late for the crew to be driving to Botswana at that time of the night.

Come on, you can leave Johannesburg around 1900hrs and make it to the border on time.

I see there is something that you guys are not telling the public.

It is time you take your audience serious if you want them to attend your future events.

Shaya is waiting for a proper apology.