Nkayingwa dismisses AP-UDC talks as a lie

AP will form a coalition with BDP in case of hung parliament

Member of Parliament for Gaborone North, Haskins Nkayigwa has kept mum about his political move for a long time amidst speculation that it was only a matter of time before he defected from Alliance for Progressives to Botswana National Front.(BNF)

However the move was confirmed last week when it was finally announced that indeed Nkayingwa has left the purple movement.

The Voice Staffer, DANIEL CHIDA paid him a visit at his Parliamentary office where he shared his views.

When did it cross your mind that it was time to defect to the BNF?

When AP was formed, it never crossed my mind that the party will not to be part of the UDC that has Sidney Pilane in it.

That decision was not a collective decision from the party because no congress was held to arrive at it.

I had believed that AP would work with UDC or even share constituencies with the Botswana Movement for Democracy before they were dismissed from the coalition.

I realised that my colleagues were hardening their hearts and our issues with the UDC were becoming personal.

I told AP that the same thing that happened in 2014, which caused us to lose elections was repeating itself and advised that we had to strengthen our foundations.

The moment I realised that I differed with leadership in many ways and our vision was no longer the same was the moment I decided to leave.

During your time at AP you were a man missing in action, why?

True, I did not connect with it so I held back. When I tried to give advice and that advice was not heeded, I distanced myself and did not participate. I am a spiritual person.

When the speaker of parliament introduced AP MPs soon after its formation, you were not part of them, what exactly was going on?

I remained behind trying to comfort my people because they were hurt.

I was asking myself why we were running away from the project that we pioneered?

The BMD split caused a lot of confusion and people from my constituency never had peace and pleaded with me to remain an independent member within the UDC but it was impossible as there is no clause in the UDC constitution to allow such, so after some weeks I took a decision to leave with those I was close to with the hope that we were going to rejoin the UDC after sometime.

What exactly is it that you wanted the AP to do?

I was hoping for a spirit of reconciliation to prevail but every time I spoke to my former colleagues they only touted “clean government,” at the expense of everything else.

It became clear that they had taken a hardline not to work with the UDC as they always came with conditions to make talks difficult.

For example, after the BMD was fired from the UDC, AP said that they were not going to work with UDC which had Pilane in it, but after Pilane was fired they moved the goalposts and demanded that talks be held in the presence of the initial conveners of the talks. Why?

Why is it that they have gone public about their support for opposition cooperation if they are not committed to it?

They are paying it lip service. It a lie, it’s a fallacy!

They are fielding people even in areas where they don’t have structures.

I once proposed that we ask for a new arrangement of partnership with the UDC while we are waiting for it to put its house in order but they refused saying they would prefer to work with the BDP over the UDC.

Kindly explain that further.

They have said that they will comfortable working with the BDP than with Duma Boko and Dumelang Saleshando after elections.

They have been holding secret meetings with Mokgweetsi Masisi.

You can imagine the decisions that they are taking without their members’ knowledge.

They fear backlash but the people shall know about the partnership after elections.

AP does not want opposition cooperation and they now hide behind values saying they want a clean government.

We cannot talk of values now when in fact they are not coming out in the open about their meetings with Masisi.

Why keep such meetings a secret, if they have nothing to hide?

Who are you defecting with?

I am almost defecting with all AP structures in the constituency; I took the whole campaign team and their meeting, which was supposed to take place on Tuesday failed.

How is your working relationship with Boko having insulted him before?

Yes I admit I did insult Boko out of anger but I later went to him and apologised and he is not an enemy to me.

We have moved past that stage and we are now working well.

What exactly are you advocating for?

The UDC is talking of indigenous policies because the economy is in the hands of the Indians but when I voiced it out in parliament I was labeled a racist.

We have to have our own millionaires not those who applied for citizenship.

We have a contract with DeBeers, which we don’t even know about but government is not concerned.

We have to empower indigenous people and not accept funds for elections from those who are not our own.

You have to ask yourself on how some foreigners became overnight millionaires.

What do you think of Masisi’s leadership?

Masisi is doing well in his fight against corruption but the problem is that he is only focusing only on those close to a BDP faction opposing him.

Why is he being selective? He must clean the whole country without fear or favour.

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