SEEKING REVENGE: Granny Chikushule Biditswe

An Nkange granny who was hacked with a panga and left for dead has told The Voice she wants her attacker ‘killed’.

88-year-old Chikushule Biditswe was severely beaten by a man who broke into her hut on the night of Tuesday 9 July looking for money.

The old lady was hacked in the head and suffered a stroke during the assault.

Unable to move, Biditswe spent the night curled up in a naked, bloody ball and was only rescued the following morning when a neighbor heard her cries for help.

Although doctors at Nyangabgwe managed to save her life, Biditswe has been left crippled and is unable to walk.

She has also been left extremely angry.

Speaking to The Voice as she recovers at her home -ironically, it is also the scene of her terrifying ordeal – Biditswe says she wants her assailant dead, or at the very least to rot in jail.

Narrating her experience in a husky, barely audible voice, she said, “He got into my house immediately when I was about to sleep. I tried to scream but he throttled me and warned me to keep quiet.

“He lifted me up and dropped me on the floor. I tried to escape and he jammed his nails on my body, leaving me with bruises on the neck and other parts of the body,” revealed Biditswe, her words coming freely but quietly.

“He sat on top of me and cut me with a panga; I was blinded by blood,” continued the grey-haired elder, her weathered speech croaking with emotion.

“He should be killed once, he left me for dead wood! I had to spend the whole night bleeding on the cold floor as I was not able to get up,” said Biditswe, adding the intruder made off with P2, 000 she had received for selling a cow.

Demanding justice for his mum, Biditswe’s stepson, Nkunngwa Biditswe, 66, said the incident had ‘destroyed’ the old lady’s life.

“Before she was attacked she was able to walk and do everything for herself regardless of her age. Now she cannot walk nor wake herself up. Her left hand and leg no longer work because of the stroke.”

FURIOUS: Nkunngwa Biditswe

Echoing his mum’s anger, Nkunngwa, added, “The perpetrator has to be killed. What he did is horrible! How can he attack a helpless old woman and even steal her money?”

A day after the attack, 32-year-old Obert Ngwenya was arrested and charged with unlawful wounding in connection with the incident.

The Zimbabwean was one of a group of men hired to clean Biditswe’s yard. Police allegedly found him at the nearby lands, hiding under a bed clutching the blood-stained panga.

Ngwenya has since appeared before Masunga Magistrate Court and was remanded in custody. He is due back in court on Thursday 8 August.

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