Nkaigwa explains his love for the UDC
I AM WITH AP: Haskins Nkaigwa

Member of Parliament (MP) for the Gaborone North, Haskings Nkaigwa this week left the nation with more questions than answers when he refused to join his colleagues from the newly formed Alliance for Progressives (AP) in the new parliament sitting arrangement.

This came after the AP was finally registered within Parliament, causing sitting to be re-arranged to accommodate the new party.

Voice reporter, SHARON MATHALA caught up with the ‘maverick’ politician, who is also a member of the AP’s national Executive Committee to discuss his seemingly ‘confused’ and definitely confusing position.

Q) Good afternoon sir, can you clarify what your refusal to sit with the AP team meant?

As a leader what came to my mind when I was consulting my constituency and my spiritual leaders was that division within the opposition is not a good thing.

What we need is a united opposition; we should be seen as the uniting figures.

That is why I decided to remain sitting at the UDC section.

Q) AP NEC member decked out in a purple suit sitting with UDC, isn’t that confusing?

My heart is very clear. I am for the progressives, I am with President Gaolathe Ndaba, but my strong belief is that we were elected through a UDC banner.

The AP was never formed to go to the general elections alone; it was formed to work with the UDC.

We need leaders who can come out and say we should work together.

It should not be about egos, it should be about the people.

Q) Which or whose ego is in question here?

The truth is I have always and I still preach unity. The AP was not formed to be outside of the UDC.

The AP should be striving to embrace the UDC. When you look at both sides there are people pushing that the UDC should not accept the AP, and those that are pushing that the AP should not join the UDC.

Q) Do you want to perhaps name those who do not want unity between AP and UDC?

I don’t want to name them, but what I am saying is that the enemy has infiltrated us.

There are people within the UDC and the AP who are not members but spies for the ruling party.

Q) Should the general elections be held tomorrow, which party would you fall under because as things stand there are three parties, the UDC, the BDP and the AP.

I have not changed; I have not resigned from the UDC.

Q) Does this then mean you would run for election under the UDC ticket, and not the AP whose NEC you are part of?

I am part of the AP but I am still with UDC. The UDC never said we should resign from the coalition of the opposition parties.

My spiritual conviction is that we should not have resigned from the UDC but rather we should work with the UDC.

Q) But you cannot have the best of both worlds, which party do you belong to?

The AP is not breakaway party from the UDC, it is a breakaway party from the BMD, we formed the AP with my colleagues, the message is clear that we have formed a party, not that we want to leave the UDC.

We only formed a party because we could not live with the BMD because of what happened at the Bobonong congress.

Q) But AP has not yet been recognized under the UDC?

You see that is what I am saying, I know it is not recognized, that is why I have not resigned from the UDC.

Q) Don’t you see your decision as betrayal to your colleagues within the AP, because instead of having six MPs, the AP now only has five because of your decision to remain behind?

All I want is unity, and if there is no united opposition I will not stand for election, I will rather be a full time pastor at my church.

My colleagues are aware that I am still consulting both spiritually and otherwise.

Q) Were you not happy with the decision for the formation of a new party?

We worked so hard for the UDC, for the idea and concept to be what it is now.

I am a leader in my constituency, so some decisions I make them from what the people say and where they want to go.

I still believe all is not lost though. What worries me is that there is such tension between the UDC and the AP.

We cannot leave because we are not happy with the decision/verdict of the UDC, We cannot abandon the (UDC) we started.

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