FARE THEE WELL NIC: The evicted Kenyan housemate seen with BBA Amplified host, IK

Africa voted in large numbers, making this week’s M-Net Big Brother Amplified vote one of the biggest ever – but Danny and Nic couldn’t pick up enough votes to stay in the game.
Both were evicted this past Sunday, leaving 17 Housemates in the hunt for two grand prizes of USD200 000 each.

On Tuesday I had a moment to chat with them over the phone and below is the conversations.
Rudeboy: What’s up Nic, what’s next for you?
Nic: I’m just looking forward to my television equipment which I have missed since my stay in the Big Brother Amplified house. I’m looking forward to using it and coming up with programmes which I can actually commission to MNet. I have huge plans ahead of me.
Danny: I’m good Rudeboy. I just want to get home and see my family. The rest will unfold as the weeks go by. I can’t tell you right now what I’m going to do with my life, but I’m thankful to Big Brother for giving me the opportunity.

Rudeboy: Are you disappointed that you got evicted from the race to the USD200 000 prize money?
Nic: I’m not really disappointed as I believe somehow that day was bound to come and even if one had a game plan, there’s no how you could know about your fate. I just look at the positive side and the publicity that I was able to get from being in the show 24/7. I have also been well-received by the Kenyan media and I will use all the publicity to the maximum.

Rudeboy: Tell me about your lack-of-interest in Kim?
Nic: I didn’t expect anyone to fall in love with me that quickly. The thing is that I had actually spent six years not being in a relationship and I wasn’t mentally ready to fall in love with Kim and she was not happy when I told her that. I needed my personal space and she didn’t take kindly to that. I constantly told her that there was a place and time for everything but she felt betrayed so  she nominated me.

Rudeboy: Tell me about Weza’s coming into Tails House?
Nic: She stirred up a storm and everybody reacted positively to her arrival. The girls were mostly smitten and you could tell they liked her. We also saw Luclay falling for her and girls starting to dress up.
Rudeboy: Danny; Who are you going to miss the most in the house?
Danny: Everybody my king, especially Luclay whom I treated as a younger brother. I’m going to miss the everyday conversations and the tasks.
Rudeboy: Your last word?
Danny: I love Botswana so much and I’d love to visit the place someday. I interacted well with Miss P and Zeus. As for now, I’m looking forward to seeing my family.

*Remember this season’s show will have two winners on the final night – Two Big Brother Amplified winners.
The two winners will both walk away with a grand prize of US$200,000. 
However, this new twist is unknown to the housemates, something they will be told on the final day. Now that’s what I’m talking about! Let’s fight to keep Zeus and Miss P in the house.

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