Ngwato Land Board this week held a consultative workshop for traditional leaders to inform them about the systematic land registration system which is set to be introduced. 

INNOVATIVE: Kago Pelontwa

When welcoming the leaders, Board secretary Otsile Ditiro informed them that the Ministry of Lands and Housing has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Swedish government to overhaul their land registration process.

He revealed that they have identified that they have a problem with documentation of data and acute shortage of staff especially those skilled to deal with land issues.
“This has led to poor service delivery and confusion as some data cannot be accounted for due to poor data documentation”

Ditiro allayed fear that they are going to repossess people’s plots saying that they are only going to re register them.
The project management team leader Kago Pelontwa informed the delegates that the current land certificates cannot be used as security at the banks due to the subjectivity of information contained in it.
Pelontwa admitted that the current land allocation process does not give Batswana the necessary services,“Right now the plots in tribal lands do not have unique plot number thus making it difficult for service providers to bring services to people but in the new systematic land registration each plot would have a unique number.”

Pelontwa disclosed that in the current system to survey a tribal land cost P2000 but in the new system it will cost only P500.
The systematic land registration will start on the 1st of July 2012.

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