Ngoma jumps ship

Former F/Town mayor joins AP

After 30 years as a staunch Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) member, former Francistown Mayor Peter Jomo Ngoma has ditched the ruling party for the purple movement.

Ngoma and six other members were welcomed into the Alliance for Progressives (AP) fold by the party’s Vice President, Wynter Mmolotsi during a press conference in the second city on Monday.

The specially elected councillor has settled quickly into his new political home and is likely to stand for the Tati West parliamentary seat.

“Ngoma is now a bonafide member of the Alliance for Progressives. Once he has met the necessary requirements, he will be our parliamentary candidate in Tati West,” announced Mmolotsi, flattering the new recruit with glowing praise.

“He is a seasoned politician who knows the political terrain very well. He is hitting the ground running!” continued the Francistown South Member of Parliament.

Meanwhile, Ngoma stressed he was not pushed out of the BDP but chose to leave after becoming disillusioned with the party’s direction.

“I made this decision after serious personal introspection; no one forced me to make this decision. BDP is a giant which has lost direction, a party which has done a lot for the country. But the time has come for the ruling party to hang up its boots, it’s a tired party,” was Ngoma’s blunt assessment.

His main bone of contention with his political home of three decades is that the BDP is ‘riddled with gossip and rumour mongering’.

“Members no longer trust each other. A country cannot be run or governed on gossip. AP is the only party where stability reigns. Alliance for Progressives has the light and can take Botswana to greater heights,” insisted the Zwenshambe native.

Donning his new party colours, Ngoma is optimistic he can secure Tati West, turning it from red to purple.

He could potentially be up against former ally and current area MP, Biggie Butale of the newly formed Botswana Patriotic Front (BPF), as well as Simon Mavange Moabi of the BDP.

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