NEXT MOVE: Ngakaagae consulting with clients

Defence attorney in the infamous National Petroleum Fund (NPF) money laundering case, Kgosietsile Ngakaagae, will on Thursday further advance his argument to have the 65 charges against his clients quashed.

Last week the state, represented by Advocate Shaun Abrahams, overlooked Ngakaagae’s submission and instead moved to have the charge sheet amended- much to the ire of regional Magistrate Masilo Mathaka, who expressed his disappointment on the conduct of the South African lawyer.

Abrahams, a former National Director of Public prosecutions at the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) in South Africa had applied for the submission of a new charge sheet with more charges and accused persons.

He also applied that the case be committed to the High Court and the Regional Magistrate asked him how that was possible when investigations were still ongoing.

“How do we commit the case to the High Court when there are lots of unresolved issues? You are still investigating to find out who sent money to who and there is still an issue of further particulars. You are bothering me and I am not impressed,” said Mathaka

Ngakaagae, objected to Abrahams’ submission saying in the previous mention he had applied that the 65 charges against his clients be quashed and that his clients be discharged and acquitted.

He said he came to court prepared for arguments on his submission not amendment of the charge sheet and further asked the court to deal with his matter first.

Abrahams told court that attorney Unoda Mack who is representing other accused persons in the matter had allowed him to substitute the charge sheet and commit the case to the High Court for trial. “I even asked if Ngakayagae was aware of that and he said yes”.

Mack denied Abraham’s claim and told court that the only thing which he discussed with his learned friend was the bail conditions after he mentioned that the case was going for trial.

The matter was stood down and was set to continue on the 6th of June for argument on the quashing of the charges.

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