The new broom at Yarona FM

The big secret is finally out and the speculation over who will take up the reins at Yarona FM has come to light.

Following the departure of David Moepeng as Station Manager in March this year, speculation has been rife as to who would take the coveted seat.

Voice Woman had the wonderful opportunity of meeting the woman conferred with the title and responsibility of Station Manager and we join in wishing her well in her tenure.

After responding to a newspaper advertisement, the youthful Kelly Ramputswa excelled at the series of interviews to clench the prominent post of Station Manager at Yarona FM.

This feat is celebrated by many as the ambitious young woman becomes the first woman at the helm of the ‘HOTTEST, LOUDEST, MOST ROCKING’ urban youth radio station to come out of Botswana.

Under the ‘LIVE THE MUSIC’ positioning statement, Ramputswa joins the self proclaimed highly energized team, driven to take the Yarona FM brand from Botswana to the rest of the world.

“It is an exciting development and I am up for the task of growing the already reputable brand,” says Ramputswa who studied at Rhodes University in Grahamstown after completing her high school at Maruapula in Gaborone.

Though she plays her cards close to her chest when asked what plans she has for the station; Ramputswa’s excitement is noticeable.

“I join an exceptional team with a sterling track record of delivery and I’m determined to make my mark in the station’s continued growth.”

She goes on to share that as a transformational leader she prides herself in great team work and a collaborative work ethic to achieve set and desired outcomes.

The new broom at Yarona FM
TEAM PLAYER: Kelly with her colleagues

Though coy at the suggestion of being a great role model to both young and older generations, the Gaborone born and raised lass who originates from Molepolole is chaffed by the compliment and quickly turns her attention to the business at hand.

Yarona FM began its national broadcast in 2008, after starting out as a regional broadcaster in 1999.

As the station celebrates its fifteenth anniversary one is reminded of the immense talent the station has nurtured over the years.

Long before the undisputed offering of the celebrated personalities across the station’s punchy shows, Botswana audiences were treated to the likes of Robin Chivazve (Robbie Rob), Tumi Ramsden, Losika Seboni(Uncle Maluza), David Moepeng, Owen Rampha, Thato Matlhabaphiri(Scar), Sesame Mosweu and Chillyboy Rakgare.

Similarly; as the current crop of the immense talent that permeates the station, these larger than life personalities and many more have made great strides beyond their broadcasting era.

Even though Yarona FM prides itself in being on pulse with churning the newest and freshest hits, the station’s accolades extend to having strong community engagements that aim at uplifting and giving recognition to home grown talent.

The station’s mission includes compelling talk and news content targeted towards Botswana’s urban youth audience.

The brew of campaigns such as the YAMA’S, Charity Drives and unearthing both on air and back support is legendary.

Indeed Ramputswa has reason to be riding on cloud nine following her appointment.

The Rhodes University political and law major graduate is right at home having also made a name for herself spinning discs using the stage name MsKelsDJ.

Ramputswa admits to her ambitious nature to be the best at all she does and foresees an even brighter and productive journey steering the station to even greater heights.

“I am used to putting in the work as that is the only way to achieve one’s goals.”

Away from navigating work demands, Ramputswa finds comfort and guidance from a medley of strong bonds formed with family, friends and colleagues.

Ramputswa says skills amassed from previous work experience will stand her in good stead in achieving success at the station.

Even busy bodies need rest and the young leader who also enjoys exercising and cycling lists reading, watching tv, and hanging out with family as preferred pastimes.

Ramputswa does not look far for inspiration as she attests to looking up to many of Botswana’s great leaders and, with great fervor, she adds; “Through hard work and big dreams everyone can achieve greatness.

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