Neat freak
Neat freak

Voice cartoonist, Lesole Ntshole was at Molapong Sports Bar in Morwa recently when he overheard a conversation between some men and women about a certain man in the neighbourhood who is obsessed with cleanliness.

LADY IN JEANS: I can’t help but laugh when I see that guy in grey trousers who is sitting over there.

The last time we were here, he proposed love to my friend and went to an extent of telling her that he sleeps in white sheets. What kind of a guy says such things, isn’t that too much pride?

MAN IN BLACK TROUSERS: You may not be used to such guys in Gaborone but here in Morwa there are lots of such characters and we’re used to them.

LADY IN WHITE SHIRT: Ijoo, the guy is obsessed with cleanliness.

Everything in his house is white, even the dish cloth.

When he picks a lady from a nightclub he makes sure that she takes a bath before they get into bed so that she doesn’t make his white sheets dirty.

MAN IN RED T-SHIRT: The other day he invited us for a party at his place.

While we partied and danced the night away, he was busy cleaning the house. (Laughter).

LADY IN WHITE SHIRT: My friends told me that the other day he offered them accommodation at his place after a night out, by the time they woke up, he had prepared breakfast for them and polished their shoes. (Laughter)

LADY IN JEANS: Some people are annoyingly clean. I am also for a clean environment but I feel people who are obsessed with cleaning are not of sound minds.

MAN IN BLACK TROUSERS: It reminds me of a former councillor from this same place.

Those that knew him would tell you that he would bath then rinse himself thrice. (Laughter).

LADY IN JEANS: What I know about these type of people is that they never marry.

Even if their partner cleans the house, they would complain that it’s not very clean and would even clean the house again.

Obviously this type of behaviour ends up hurting the other person.

The conversation ends as the guys, in black trousers and red T-shirt get up to go and buy drinks.

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