Ncube dismayed at judgement
DISMAYED: Gift Ncube

Double amputee, Gift Ncube, has this week expressed dismay at the acquittal of his shooter, Keitumetse Khunou, by a Francistown High court.

Ncube whose ordeal started three years ago after he was shot four times and had his arms amputated at elbow level, told of how he learnt about the court judgement through the media on Monday.

“I still can’t believe my case was handled in this manner. A few years ago I had both my arms and somebody cut them off and admitted to the offense, but I now find out through newspapers that I lost the case. This certainly is not fair,” Ncube said as he narrated a chronicle of events that led to his misery.

Ncube’s sad story made headlines in 2013 when he was shot after demanding full payment for a job he had done for Khunou at his farm in Radisele.

Ncube asserts that he had been hired to clear two and a half hectres of Khunou’s land for the sum of P2000 a hectre, but he fell out with the employer who was reluctant to pay him in full.

After a heated argument, Ncube says he went to the police where he reported the matter.

“When I got back from the police station I went to my rented room to get the rest of my stuff as I had been in the process of moving out. When I reached for my pocket to get the keys, Khunou opened fire on me,” he said.

Ncube said he was appalled at the ruling by Justice Zibane Makhwade in a weekly publication that suggests that Khunou opened fire in an attempt to scare him.

“I was so hurt when I read that article. “The judge also says he could not find as a fact that I was shot four times. Come on, what more evidence does he need. And what kind of a person scares another by dislodging his limbs with gunshots. This is certainly a miscarriage of justice,” he said.

The anguished Ncube has efutes this judgment and has brought forward medical reports which state that he suffered multiple gunshot wounds to both arms, chest and abdomen.

He is of the belief that the course of justice has been perverted and is thus imploring the public to mount pressure on the judicial system in a bid to remedy the situation.