Nature Care MD Ms Sally Pillar presenting a token of appreciation to Sebetlela

Francistowners will from now enjoy the good health. The Botswana’s own and famous health centre,  Nature Care Wellness Centre, was launched in the second city, last week. Officially opening the  ‘green’ worth of health and natural living, at Satellite Super Spar Mall, the Tati Nickel Company’s Managing Director Sebetela Sebetela, noted that the residents of Francistown were faced with the same challenges around wellness that confront every urban community.
“The majority of the residents are engaged in some form of employment or enterprise in order to make a living. In their daily pursuits, individuals often neglect to allocate sufficient time and priority to their own well-being and this eventuates in avoidable illnesses and subsequent loss of productive time at work or at the business,” Sebetela noted.
Sebetela reminded those gracing the occasion that, “there is no excuse to procrastinate about putting your own wellness first.”
Wellness is a broad concept encompassing the physical, mental, spiritual, financial and social aspects of an individual’s life.
According the Nature Care managing director, Sally Pillar, the centre offers various medication measures to the human body, including weight management, pain management, relaxing massages, body detox, Workplace Wellness Programs and herbal remedies.
“Those who visit us will never go wrong. We deal with constipation in a way you will never get in any other business” said Pillar, as she presented a drink called Energy Plus, that she said is brewed through natural fermentation. “This drink helps in cleansing the inner body (detoxification) and also aids those with sluggish bowels, constipation and abdominal pains.”
Nature Care has been operating from Extension Four in Gaborone for years now, and has been particularly hailed for their detox programme.