Afro tricks to keep it healthy and rich…

Natural hair had been trending for seasons and will continue to trend even later.
It brings out the beauty in being a 21st century woman.

Whether it is an Afro, kinky short hair or dreadlocks it helps reduce the use of chemicals on our heads.

Natural hair needs to be maintained with more organic solutions. When its winter as it is now, our hair tends to break easily and it is hard for it to grow properly, for this, there are vitamins that stimulate this growth and that will help you maintain your hair healthy during winter.

There are a few tricks to keeping it all nourished and protected.

Tracy is a fro who loves her Afro so she started protecting it with wigs during colder temperatures.

She says the consequences of poor hair maintenance over the years also had taken a toll on her natural hair and she knew she had to do effective protective hairstyles sooner or later, and that is why she started making her own wigs.

Smart move also to reduce salon costs. Getting all the necessary items being the mannequin head, needles, threads and head net can cost you less than P200.

Tracy started to research online, particularly on Youtube to learn about the art of making wigs.

She has a number of them now, during summer days she flaunts her Afro and wears it proud, black and rich.


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