Natale, a little sleepy village on the outskirts of Francistown has not been spared from the recent torrential rains that fell in most parts of the country.

With a poor gravel road connecting the village to the main tarred road seriously affected, motorists found an alternative connection that cuts through the village.

This new road passes by a small rundown house which has since put the small village on the map not for a good reason.

Some call it the “men’s house” others have since nicknamed it ‘The house of hunger’, with some simply referring to it as ‘The slaughter house.’

As one of the local Combis en route to Francistown took a turn along the new road, passengers started talking and Voice journalist Chenjelani Baraedi happened to be on board.

WOMAN WITH PLAITED HAIR: I want to see this house which has become the talk of our village.  I understand it’s somewhere around here.


COMBI DRIVER: Speaking in a hushed tone to the next passenger… She means that house, do you want to tell me that there is any person in this village who doesn’t know the slaughter house?

FRONT SEAT PASSENGER: What are you talking about? I don’t know anything about that house. I am curious. What is it all about.?

COMBI DRIVER: Still keeping his voice under control… It’s a skefi room. If you want a woman, you just go there and pop out something and you help yourself to the  women in there.

BACK SEAT PASSENGER: Speaking at the top of his voice. It’s that house over there, It’s no longer a secret my sister, everyone know this place especially men.

People know that some men pay money to sleep with the four girls that live in that house.

OLD WOMAN: But do you really think we must pride ourselves with having such a disgusting place in our village.

Whose children are they who do such  an embarrassing thing anyhow? But seriously why can’t  action be taken against these wicked women?

BACK SEAT PASSENGER: That’s where human rights come in old woman.

Who knows maybe they have the right to do as they please with their bodies?

We understand that even elderly men who are supposed to be questioning the existence of that house are clients.

So it’s difficult to address the issue because it seems most men are already hooked.

OLD WOMAN: That’s sick then. Natale is surely becoming unsafe to raise children.

FEMALE CONDUCTOR:  It’s just disheartening to hear that men think that the presence of prostitutes in the village is a blessing in disguise for them or some manna from heaven.

Sometimes men can be so complicated.

They don’t even think that buying sex can contribute to the spread of STDS.

They don’t care about their dignity either when sex is involved.

BACK SEAT PASSENGER: My concern is just our innocent children who might soon be influenced by this kind of behaviour.

As for the clients I think they know what they are doing.

The sad thing is that Natale will soon be famous for prostitution.
BOY IN CAP: I understand people come from as far as Borolong, Makobo and Francistown to buy sex here.

I was shocked when a friend in Francistown asked me about a brothel opened in Natale.

OLD WOMAN: Just imagine; police must take action.

If they let these young girls continue selling themselves to men, the next thing a dead body would be found there.

Some men will soon fight over these girls and kill each other.

Even these girls are not safe, I swear I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them died a mysterious death.

BACK SEAT PASSENGER: We can say all sorts of things but as long no one is ready to take action against the sex workers we might as well just shut up.

OLD WOMAN: Hard luck then our village is doomed.

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