FILE PIC: Tlokweng Border

Batswana caught smuggling 300 heads of cattle into SA.

Three Batswana nationals have been arrested in the neighbouring country, South Africa (SA) allegedly trying to smuggle 300 unfrozen heads of cattle into that country.

The trio, two women and a hired truck driver who were arrested last week Thursday after entering SA, are said to have already appeared before Lehurutshe magistrate court and have since been remanded in custody.

Botswana Police have since claimed ignorance of the matter as they maintained that their counterparts in SA have not yet informed them about the arrest.

Tlokweng Police and Interpol maintained that they have not received any formal notice from South Africa about the arrest.

Nonetheless, The Voice has it on good record that the three were arrested Thursday after crossing through Tlokweng border post and into South Africa with a fake meat export permit.

The permit owner, Malcolm Kobedi revealed in an interview on Friday that he had been contacted by SA police to be a witness in the matter.

“I know the people who have been arrested because I had traveled with them before. I then forgot my permit in their vehicle and that is how they got hold of it,” Kobedi explained.

Kobedi who explained that meat market was lucrative in the South African side pointed out that he has an order of 700 heads, but he buys from Botswana Meat Commission which occasionally issues him with a once off export permit, which is usually valid for three months.

“I wanted to invite them into this business, but they maintained that other shops were cheaper than BMC, but it is BMC that can guarantee clean meat and gives permits, besides it is illegal to transport meat wwith an un-refrigerated vehicle like they did,” he said as he was on his way to S.A to write his statement following “a call from S.A police.”

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