MOURNING: Maureen Setshogo
MOURNING: Maureen Setshogo


He lived his life in the limelight, adored by many whose small screens he lit up with his good looks and a beautiful voice as the face of BTV news.

Last Monday the BTV celebrity’s badly decomposed body was buried in an unmarked grave at night in a hurried funeral not befitting the popular TV and radio personalty he was.

Kago Setshogo, 28 was found hanging from the rafters of his phase 2 rented house resulting in the hasty burial at Broadhurst graveyard in Gaborone.

“Can we please make way for the hearse to provide the light for us to see what we are doing,” said the pastor to a crowd of about 50 mourners who watched as a small brown coffin carrying the BTV star was lowered six feet under.

As soon as the grave was filled the same pastor announced, “We have to rush out before the night catches up with us. We hope to come back tomorrow during the day to check on the grave.”

Speaking at the house on Tuesday Kago’s distraught mom, Maureen Setshogo dismissed rampant rumours that the young man could have ended his life because his family did not accept that he was a homosexual.

“Kago never showed us his girlfriend or even talked about a partner but had he told us about such we would have accept him for he was because we loved him. The truth however is that I don’t think his suicide had anything to do with relationships.

If anything my son was struggling with debt that even forced him to sell his BMW. He also kept bad friends that put him under pressure to live a life he couldn’t afford. I warned him against those type of people several times, but he wouldn’t listen”

The 55-year unemployed mother talked of how she and her son had a good relationship although towards the end he had become withdrawn and somewhat angry.

LAID TO REST: Kago Setshogo DUST TO DUST: Comrades paying last respect
LAID TO REST: Kago Setshogo DUST TO DUST: Comrades paying last respect

“I am still shocked as to why Kago did what he did. We had a good relationship although towards the end he seemed to have been under enormous pressure to move out and live what he called “an independent life.”,” she said.

Maureen further revealed that Kago told her early this year before he moved out that he no longer wanted to live with his parents because his age mates were all independent.
“One day I went to a funeral and when I came back he had moved out and never bothered to show me where he stayed.”

“He had told me that he was moving to block 6 and I always thought he stayed there. His young brother then recently spotted his car around Phase 2 at a car wash but was afraid to go talk to him.”

On the day he ended his life Kago sent a text message to his mom in the early morning hours giving her directions to the house. It read; “Phase 2, the house is opposite a tuck shop called Uncle Boiki’s, at the back.” The message was sent at 03:52hrs.

Three days later after she received a phone call from Kago’s colleagues telling her that he was missing from work Maureen followed the directions to the house only to be greeted by a strong stench and a swarm of flies.

Kago Setshogo
Kago Setshogo

Quizzed on what could have estranged Kago from his family Maureen said with a trembling voice; “ He acted frustrated towards the end and temperamental too but when his sister asked him what the problem was he insisted he was OK. He however once mentioned that he hated living in my house and wanted to go and live his own life. There was no bad blood between us and up to now I wonder why he said that.”

Efforts to get a comment from Department of Broadcasting Services’ general manager Keiterele Mathape were unsuccessful. She was however quoted in a state newspaper saying that the deceased last reported for duty on April 30, the day he is believed to have died.

“You know very well that young people working in the media industry may succumb to social pressures,” Mathape said.

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RIP homie


i still cant understand why kago heard to do this, challenges are always there,suicide is not the solution, disappointed tota i looked up to you, from meribo,such a talented young man,where ever you are my brother know that you left us speechles


The whole story is touching esp to the Mum, moved from her home on her absences and never bothered to let her know of his residence. Gomotsega Mma Setshogo.


The sooner young people accept that money doesn’t grow on trees then they will be fine.

ub student

eish kg u really hurt me..i wonder gr ur close relatives ba ikutlwa jang..eish gone mme y live lives tht we cnt afford..wa bo ne o tshwenngwa ke eng ko lwapenng cz ne o tla tswa aftre o settler sentle..RIP MOKWENA


RIP. May God comfort your family, tragic and a great loss to family and friends.


RIP my bro

bakang Mmagwe Keletso Carl

It so disgusting whn ppl prich f sth dey dnt knw abt @list if ‘d b posibl 4 de dead 2 b risd we cud&hv a light f wht rily coses ol de havoc rather than ppl raising nasty rumours bwt Kago’s death and 2 ma fellow collegues life got chalenges bt u must never let them blind u,learn to tak things step by step unlike actin upon them @ de same tym, mma Setshogo de whole nation is grievin & our condolences on de demise of ur son,our brothr,uncle May the Lord comfort the Setshogo family&de country @ large… Read more »


Banana tota re opisa batsadi ba rona ditlhogo mo go ngomolang pelo!Wa bona ga re ka ingaparela ka Mmoloki wa rona Jeso Keresete o ka re thusa go nna le boitshwaro jwa setho gobaneng tsa lehatshe ke tsa nakwana!Simolola hela ko lapeng o ithute go tlotla botsadi ba gago o ithute go tlotla mong ka wena!A re sa itseele ko godimo bakeng le maemo a rona!O bona ga re ka ipatla rebo re ipatlisisa gore tota re bo mang ke yone tshimologo ya botshelo!A Modimo a fape ntho e bulegileng e mo pelong ya Mme Mmaarona Moureen Setshego yoo o… Read more »


Stil shocked.


Parents will always say the positives….this guy was gay n I knew it…..




M left in a garden of sorrow, i looked up 2 u darls. May ur soul richly rest in peace.You will be missed by all.


you left me speechless KG moya wa gago robale ka kagiso

wena boselep o bua ditota hela o itsele jaaka


You might have had problems on earth bt am very sure that the place that you are in is worse!


RIP DEAR, only god knws