My shoes broke!

I bought shoes from a local boutique amounting to P900, but after wearing them a few days I noticed the top part was detaching from the base showing that the glue on the shoe is of poor quality which came as a shock especially considering the price.

I immediately returned the shoes to supplier and told me there is no refund meanwhile there is no such disclaimer in the shop neither was I made aware of it when I purchased, I really wished in that moment that I would had bought the Vessi vegan instead.

She told me to take something in exchange and unfortunately there is nothing as most of the clothes are of poor quality although priced around P650.

I told her I did not find anything but she still decides she will not refund me. What can I do?

I think you need to educate this store about the Consumer Protection Regulations.

Section 13 (1) (a) of the Regulations demands that suppliers offer products that “are of merchantable quality”, which is defined as being “fit for the purposes for which commodities of that kind are usually purchased”.

Put simply, a pair of shoes should function as shoes.

They should protect your feet for a reasonable period and shouldn’t fall apart after a few days.

It’s quite simple.

The general rule when something goes wrong like this is that the supplier can choose one of the three Rs: a refund, a repair or a replacement.

There would be nothing wrong with the supplier trying to repair the shoes, or to offer you another pair in exchange for the faulty ones, or just to give you your money back.

But what they’re saying here is completely unacceptable.

This store has let you down badly by selling you shoes that weren’t of merchantable quality and they need to fix this with one of the three Rs and they need to do this right now.

I suggest that you write them a letter explaining that you know your rights and insisting that they satisfy them.

I suggest you demand either an identical replacement pair of shoes or a complete refund.

Tell them that you’ve spoken to us and that you won’t hesitate to take legal action against them if they fail to respect your rights.

Let me know how they react!

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