“My penis ruined her marriage
LOVE STRUCK: Gaboitsewe

Taximan admits to wrecking nurse and teacher’s home

A taxi driver who ‘poked’ a nurse, wrecking her marriage to a secondary school teacher in the process, has no regrets about the illicit affair.

By his own admission, Solomon Gaboitsewe is a man possessed.

He is head-over-heels in love with 43-year-old Charity Montshiwa, so much so that he failed to obey a court order instructing him to stay away from her – this after she reported him to the police for beating her up.

Indeed, Gaboitsewe has already spent nine months in prison on remand for violating his restraining order and was only released on bail in December.

In an exclusive interview with The Voice as he enjoys his new found freedom, the 40-year-old explained the affair was exposed after a particularly steamy sex session.

“It was back in 2016. They had just arrived from holiday. The husband had taken her on holiday to Victoria Falls. So when they were there she missed me and soon after arrival, she came to spend a day with me at my house where we had fun. I gave her a very good poke (sex),” claimed the dreadlocked Gaboitsewe, grinning proudly at the memory.

“Later that day, Charity sent me a text message acknowledging the poke and the husband found it,” he continued, his smile distorting into an ugly grimace as he adds, “The husband assaulted Charity and broke her arm. He then walked out of the matrimonial home.”

According to Gaboitsewe, the romance continued to blossom in the husband’s absence.

However, there was an unexpected development.
Gaboitsewe was to get a taste of his own bitter medicine – he claims Montshiwa began cheating on him.

“I was hurt. She did not want me to leave her. She said I could not dump her after spoiling her marriage, but she was cheating right under my nose and now she is the one who is dumping me, after using me for so long!” griped Gaboitsewe, who admitted assaulting Montshiwa in frustration.

The beating was allegedly so bad that Montshiwa was reduced to a bloody pulp.

She then approached the police for protection and Gaboitsewe was subsequently given a restraining order, which the love-struck man reportedly violated on more than one occasion.

He insists, however, that he is innocent and never broke the order.

“She used it because she wanted freedom with the other man in her life,” maintained Gaboitsewe, shaking his head in frustration.

For her part, Montshiwa has admitted before Maun Magistrate Court that she loves Gaboitsewe but is unable to keep the relationship due to ‘complications’ in her life.

At the time of going to print, the woman had labelled herself as a ‘widow’ on her Facebook page, an action which infuriated her estranged husband.

“We have not divorced and I am still very much alive and healthy. I do not understand why she is doing that!” he said.

Meanwhile, the matter is still before Maun Magistrate Court.

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