My life is in danger
IN DANGER: BPL CEO Bennett Mamelodi

• BPL CEO Bennett Mamelodi fears for his life

Botswana Premier League (BPL) CEO Bennett Mamelodi is a worried man.

The harried CEO claims to be living in constant fear for his life following a series of attempted break-ins at his house in the last 3 months – including another unsuccessful attempt on Tuesday this week.

According to Mameolodi the latest near-escape could easily have turned deadly as the would-be robbers were heavily armed.

Taking to social media to voice both his frustrations and fears, the anxious CEO wrote, “Why would 8 armed men driving 3 tinted cars break into my house today, the 4th time in 3 months? Wasn’t tampering with my car enough? You sick thugs and your masters will have to try harder.”

Despite being severely shaken by the episode, Mamelodi remained characteristically defiant, his Facebook post going on to say, “I’m still alive and kicking and only God will determine my fate. I shall not be made to live in fear by conniving cowards who can’t confront me like men. I know who you are, God knows who you are and may the good lord have mercy on my soul. In the mean time I shall continue to fight the good fight and keep the faith.”

When reached for a comment, the recently re-instated CEO refused to discuss the situation in any depth, but was prepared to say, “Yes my domestic security has been breached, not once, not twice. So I have every right to believe that my life is in danger. I have reported the matter and it is being dealt with by the relevant authorities.”

To add to Mamelodi’s growing woes, information reaching this publication suggests that his days at the BPL could well be numbered.

The CEO’s reign has been clouded with incident, following his suspension on suspicion of mismanagement of funds – a suspension that began in March and which he only managed to successfully overturn at the start of August.

However, it is reported that there are some within the footballing fraternity who will stop at nothing to see him dismissed – including resorting to underhand and intimidatory tactics.

The heavily-financed faction is alleged to be intent on splashing huge amounts of cash in an effort to take the CEO out and gain ultimate control of the office.

“This is all about fighting for control, it’s not in the interest of football. Believe me, our football is getting dirtier and dirtier by the day. People have already positioned themselves and lined up for Mamelodi’s post. However, this will not come cheap because those who will stop at nothing to see Mamelodi out, want someone they can control,” claimed an insider who was unwilling to reveal their identity.

“They want to determine who wins the league from the office; they want to determine who relegates and who doesn’t. As if that’s not enough, they want to determine who plays where and when. What irritates even more is that they even want to determine the officials to the games; what kind of football is this?” demanded the anonymous source furiously.

For Mamelodi the future looks depressingly bleak.

If his allegations are true, he potentially faces losing not just his job but his life – bringing a terrifying new perspective to the old cliché about football being a matter of life and death.

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