'My husband's debts dent my image'
IN GOOD TIMES: Taboka Mopipi and Augustine Mopipi

Chief Magistrate dirvoces ‘irresponsible’ husband

In an interesting twist to a nasty divorce battle between Francistown Chief Magistrate Taboka Mopipi and her husband, Augustine Mopipi, the presiding Judge, Chris Gabanagae has been asked to recuse himself from the case.

This is after the chief magistrate’s husband filed an application to have the presiding judge recuse himseld on the basis of conflict of interest. Mopipi argued that the Judge was at one point his wife’s boss when he (Judge) was still a magistrate.

Following an order of the high court on Tuesday Gabanagae recused himself from presiding over the matter which is now scheduled to be heard by Justice Gabriel Kombani.

In court papers divorcing her husband of three years, the Magistrate argued that her husband had been neglecting his marital obligation.

“The defendant has neglected his marital obligations as a husband, in that he does not care about the plaintiff (magistrate) and no longer loves her as there is no longer any meaningful communication between them, except when a quarrel ensues, which ends with the defendant threatening plaintiff with severe reprisals,” she states in her reasons for divorce.

The chief magistrate further alleged that her husband was in a lot of debt which was damaging her image .

“The defendant has plundered and misuses family finances incurring unnecessary debts with third parties without the plaintiff’s knowledge which ends up embarrassing the plaintiff and exposing her to public ridicule as a senior judicial officer,” further reads the divorce papers.

The couple was married back in 2015 in community of property and they have two children, but the fed up Magistrate wanted to divorce her husband because he did not contribute financially to their household.

“He does not contribute at all towards family welfare in the form of food, utility bills and payment of family loans, mortgages and vehicle installment leaving his wife with exclusive burden of children’s maintenance since birth,” reads court papers.

The case is expected to be heard at the high court by the new presiding Judge.

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