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PRINCIPLED: Pastor Socks shares suspect's confession with police

A flamboyant Francistown pastor, Milidzani Socks has come out to defend his decision to work with the police to nab a suspected murderer, Atholang Mujanji in 2014.

Breath of Life Church leader worked with law enforcers in a covert operation involving hi-tech recoding equipment to secretly record Mujanji’s damming confession.

“My conscience is clear. As a pastor I have principles and a conscience and had I kept this thing to myself I’d have never known peace for the rest of my life,” Pastor Socks told The Voice in an exclusive interview.

Pastor Socks further told The Voice that working with the police does not in anyway mean that he shares his congregation’s confessions with third parties.

“There’s a difference between a mistake, a temptation and a crime. I prayed for him but at the end of the day the law of the land has to take its cause,” he said.
Quoting from John 19:31-33, Socks said Jesus was crucified with two thieves, and one of the thieves confessed his sins.

“Even though the thief confessed and assured of paradise by Christ, the authorities still broke his legs as per the law of the Romans,” said Pastor Socks.

Two Metre as Mujanji is popularly known is being investigated for the murder of his girlfriend and former nurse at Nyangabwe Referral Hospital Bokani Socks (not related to the pastor).

The former CID officer in Francistown is accused of killing pregnant Socks out of rage in 2013 and then dumping her at a bush behind Donga Military Camp. He has since pleaded not guilty to the charge.

However it appears that while the former cop professed his innocence in the court of law, vivid memories of his girlfriend’s crushed skull and her feeble screams for mercy were tormenting him.

The troubled cop, at the insistence of a church mate’s mother sought for divine intervention from Pastor Socks.

In a packed Francistown High Court before Judge Lot Moroka, Socks said he met Mujanji on January 30, 2014 in his prayer room where he confessed to killing his girlfriend.

The pastor said he then arranged for Mujanji to come the following day and immediately notified the police.

He was introduced to the Investigating Officer Simisane Zhibi who then gave him a pen-like recording device.

“He came back at 4pm the following day and we proceeded to the prayer room where he once again confessed to the gruesome act,” Socks told court.

In the 30-minute recording played in Moroka’s court, Atholang describes how he stabbed and strangled his girlfriend until she breathed her last.

“I crushed her head once with a rock and then walked away. I panicked, I knew I was in a big mess, and before I got to the car, I turned around and walked back to the scene. I smashed the nurse’s head several times again to make sure she was dead,” continued the voice from the audio recording. Pastor Socks is heard asking the accused why he killed his ex lover. The response Mujangi gave was that two weeks after ending the relationship, the nurse told him she was pregnant.
“She was four months pregnant by another man,” the recording said.

The case goes back to Court on May 3rd where Moroka will rule on whether the recorded evidence was admissible in court.

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