My body……a letter to you

Have you ever wondered what your body would say if it could talk to you? Think of all it has done for you, with you.

It’s amazing how we function daily, mostly concerned about the exterior things in life, and forgetting to give thanks to the vessels that make it possible.

We rounded up four well-known women in different careers and asked them to write a letter to their bodies. Try this too!

KAONE MOREMONG 34, Managing Director and Head Designer at House Of Kay

First you were a baby, not able to control your own head but as nature would have it, you found your balance.

Thank you. Then you were a child, jumping fences and collecting scars, than you.

Then you switched up on me and started transitioning to a young woman, you adapted well.

Thank you. You had to endure my young adulthood experiments and you survived all that, thank you.

With age you endured quite a bit, actually a lot.

Changing as and when my mind and actions allowed, stretching to produce other humans, stretch marked and darkened, 3 times you that, and how lucky am I to have you snap back every time? I really cant thank you enough.

Now as a full grown adult, sometimes I notice a wrinkle here and there.

Maybe I am paranoid because after a while they disappear only to reaper somewhere else.

Sometimes the little belly pouch takes center stage and makes me feel insecure, sometimes it can be on the same “insecure” day, the belly pouch fits just rite into a crop top.

Thank you for understanding. Sometimes I wear you out and get a few needles on the back to fix you, but you still manage to carry me.

Thank you for always having such a strong backbone, despite all the things you went through.

Thank you for carrying me and reminding me that I am alive, I’m here, I’m beautiful, and I matter. I promise to nourish you well, and to be grateful for you being my one and only body.

KAONE: Keep calm and be body positive


Created so perfectly by God; positioned, structured and curved just right just for me.

I would like to say thank you. Thank you for loving me even when I never did. For not giving up on me when I did.

Thank you for warm nights in winter because that’s where you shine best.

I am honored that you are mine because every dimple, stretch mark, cellulite even the flabby arms and potbelly have taught me to love without judgment.

You are true beauty that is worth celebrating everyday. I love you.

LERATO: Your body loves you love it back


Dear greatness, yes I said it, you are greatness.

Dear greatest temple of my soul, you are the epitome of what is seen as Godly, a spiritual being- carefully molded by gold dust you are a purposeful being with grace oozing out of every single thing you do and achieve.

You are fearfully made, God was so careful when he created you.

I am so sorry I used to wish you were different, I wanted to change you and I was so frustrated by you for so many years.

I fed you the wrong things, I gave you too much sugar, salt, and gave you toxins.

I even cut you at some point I tried to eliminate you permanently 13 times.

I’m so sorry. But I’m glad I never gave you any ethanol to destroy your liver nor allowed peer pressure to make me give any underserving being your forbidden fruit, I did not disappoint you there.

It took me, tapping into my intuition to understand that you are a work of art, a force to be reckoned with, that the world is a canvas and you are the paint.

You are a powerhouse, a walking conscious mind, well aware of every emotion.

Dear body, you are not the enemy, nor are you in any way unfriendly or even indifferent to the mind.

The very existence of you is bliss. I love you and with the love I have for you I am more relaxed.

It is not wrong; it is not narcissistic to be in love with you.

In fact it is the first step towards spirituality.

Dear precious body, I listen when you speak now, I know you love meditating because; it goes up to the fifth, the bliss body. Meditation makes you perfectly conscious- absolute light with no dark.

Meditation drops all props, all supports. Nothing is left- just pure understanding, witnessing.

I know spiritual growth can be hard on you as the physical body, especially in the periods of rapid growth.

Hold on, we are transcending into greater realms, we are mastering the art of remaining calm in situations, the art of being unbothered by negative energy and the beautiful art of protecting your peace. Dear body, you are different and that’s perfect.

DATO: My body is my home & i will not tear it down


As I am becoming a woman everyday, I cherish you and put you first.

It hasn’t always been like this though.

I have been so hard on you before, I used to scrutinize you, and feed you all the wrong things and called you all the bad names you could ever think of.

With growth came a lot of unconditional love and acceptance towards you.

I’m so happy I finally found my confidence. Inserts heart emoji.

KELLY: Dont let your mind bully your body

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