Muzila implores private sector to join council

Francistown City Council (FCC) Mayor, Sylvia Muzila, has implored the private sector to join her city in strengthening Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) in forging new beginnings for the city’s development.

At the close of the full council session this week Monday, Muzila said the private sector has a very important role to play in Francistown and has urged it to forge more meaningful partnerships to ensure a sustainable future.

According to Muzila, meaningful partnerships will ensure a sustainable future for all citizens and residents of Francistown and its surrounding areas.

Muzila stressed that “stronger public-private partnerships is a critical part of the answer to stimulating inclusive growth, maintaining macroeconomic stability, managing the high cost of doing business and creating decent jobs.

“PPPs will enhance social cohesion as part of the local government’s bid to reduce the scourge of crime and poverty in the city,” said Muzila, adding that the private sector is an essential pillar of the economy.

She said the community of Francistown came to a full realization of the importance of the PPPs when Tati Nickel Mining Company (TNMC) closed.

Hundreds were left unemployed and realized that it is not only the government that create employment, she said.

TNMC closed down last October thanks to shrinking nickel prices in the international markets.

The operators of the mining giant decided to shutdown arguing that the business was not viable.

Tens of hundreds of employees were left stranded – forcing the city’s unemployment rate to skyrocket to an astronomical level.

And all eyes are at the government to create the much-needed employment opportunities in the city.

“TNMC has been a significant contributor to the economic achievements of Francistown over the years. And we need to have TNMC back on track as well as other players in the private sector to resuscitate the economy of the city,” she said.

Furthermore, Muzila said: “I wish to implore the private sector to play their role in also making the city look attractive to potential investors and tourists, at the same time retaining the existing investors and tourists.”

Addressing a full council session late last week, Botswana Oil chief executive officer Willie Mokgatle said there was still a lot of potential for Francistown.

Mokgatle said Botswana Oil pledged to forge a partnership with the city council.

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