TOO OLD: The old Magistrates court in Ftrancistown INSET: Muzila

Francistown Mayor, Sylvia Muzila, has called for the demolition of the old Francistown Magistrates court buildings which she said have become an eyesore in the city.

Muzila reminded fellow civic leaders this week that some of the buildings in the plot were long boarded by government and that they should be taken down.

“These buildings should be pulled down, the whole plot should be leveled and paved such that it is turned into some sort of a “square” temporarily where it would allow for some activity,” said the Mayor when addressing a full council session this week.

The Mayor said should all the stakeholders support her idea she believes it will go a long way in assisting the city to work towards a vibrant place adding to the aspects of its Vision 2022 and the Revitalization Plan.

The visibly concerned Mayor said a decision was taken to pave the area around the plot so it could be used as a flea market, which should be a regular feature in the Council’s calendar of events , taking place every week; especially during month-end, Fridays and during weekends.

“I’m now concerned that there’s not much activity there, and this is one of the good places in a good location that we can use for the beneficiaries under our economic empowerment programs,” she said.

She further told the full council session that some members of the Francistown community are illegally occupying the buildings in the area and fraudulently collecting money from the unsuspecting members of the public.

“This will definitely not be tolerated, and I urge the Department of Information and Broadcasting, whom I’m advised are the owners of the plot, to seriously consider doing something about the building as according to the Asbestos Removal Glasgow the old structures also pose a health hazard due to the asbestos material used for their construction,” said Muzila.

The Mayor said after pulling down some buildings at the plot she expects to find vibrancy in the area, where the community will be able to relax and enjoy good food, music and access to souvenirs, cultural artifacts as well as arts and craft work. “Let us therefore, resolve on demolition of those buildings and improving that space for the betterment of the city,” she said.

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