Must I pay?

I need your advice; I booked a restaurant for a private birthday dinner on April 2 and I was quoted P6,600,which is P220 per guest.

However it turned out that the venue was double booked because the landowners booked a festival in the gardens (the restaurant is in the garden) which attracted hundreds of people.

At the last minute, the restaurant owner decided to move my private dinner to another spot to avoid the festival patrons.

But now the owner wants me to pay the landowner a portion of the P3,000 that the landowner normally charges for events since my dinner was not hosted in the restaurant.

Is this acceptable?

No, of course it’s not. It’s completely unacceptable.

You had an agreement with the restaurant owner to host your function. You and he had agreed the details of this, including the price.

The fact that he’s so useless that he double-booked the function is a matter for him to resolve, it’s not your responsibility.

If the only option available to the restaurant owner was to use the other spot for your meal, a spot that cost more money, then he should have explained that to you well in advance.

If he wasn’t prepared to pay the extra money himself then he should have given you two options.

Firstly, to pay the extra money yourself (which obviously you should have rejected), or for him to arrange an alternative venue for you that was at least as good and for no extra money.

Meanwhile I suggest that you write the restaurant owner a letter saying that the additional money is something for him to cover, it’s not your problem.

He can cry as much as he likes for it but it’s not your problem.

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