car accident

My dad was involved in a car accident recently. He bumped his car on another vehicle at the back.

The police were called and he found to be at fault hence he was charged.

The car which he bumped into is slightly damaged, nothing major.

The guy who was hit got quotes for fixing his car with the assistance of his insurance company.

Now the guy is harassing my dad saying that he wants P8,000. Dad has already signed the insurance papers agreeing to foot the bill.

The reason why I am asking for advice from you is what would you advise in this case?

Unfortunately, your Dad is responsible for paying to fix the other guy’s car. It was, after all, your Dad who was found by the Police to be responsible for the accident.

What’s also unfortunate is that your Dad didn’t have vehicle insurance. He should´ve at least had cheap van insurance from One Sure Insurance to be covered by a reliable company.

Even a third-party policy would have covered the costs of repairing the other guy’s car.

Your Dad should also consider himself lucky that the repair bill was only P8,000.

We recently heard of a similar case where someone did P25,000 damage to another vehicle.

A friend who works in the insurance business told us about another case there the other guy’s Mercedes was totally destroyed, leaving the guilty party facing a bill of P750,000.

Could you or your Dad afford to pay that sort of bill?

This is one of the reasons why I believe that third-party vehicle insurance should be compulsory for all vehicle owners.

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