Muslim sex pest shamed

Persistent sexual advances by a Muslim religious leader on a member of his flock have backfired after he was unceremoniously relieved of his duties by the leadership at the Maun mosque.

Maulana Aiyub Ibrahim Patel, 38, who has been under police investigations for a series of vulgar text messages he sent to a married woman who is part of his congregation, fell from grace this week after he was told to vacate the mosque by his religious superiors.

Although the Muslim leaders are said to have tried to hide the embarrassment from the public by forcing the victim to withdraw the police case, The Voice has since established that Patel has been consistently proposing love to Pako Monnaagae, the 29-year-old married woman whose husband works and lives within the Mosque premises.

Although Monnaagae is said to have turned down Patel’s propositions on several occasions, things came to a head recently when the religious leader tried to force entry into Monnaagae’s house when he realised that her husband was away.

“Luckily the woman kept the house locked whenever her husband was away.”

It has been established that after failing to gain entry he used an unknown number to call the woman but she cut the call when she realised it was him.

The accused person is said to have resorted to communicating through text messages.

In the one of the conversations which The Voice has a copy of, Patel wanted to sleep with Monnagae despite the latter reminding him that they were both married.

When she reminded him that it would be wrong to engage in adultery because he was married he replied that his wife was pregnant.

“She was living in fear and when her husband came two weeks ago she poured out everything to him,” a source from the Mosque said.

After a number of persuasions by fellow worshipers, Monnaagae is said to have reported the matter to their leaders who took the matter lightly.

She is said to have told some of the Mosque members who have had similar experiences in the past.

The Voice established that some of the offences that Patel faced during his disciplinary hearing include an attempted rape on his maid, underpaying the maid and fighting and threatening another working staff with a knife over low payment.

After the Friday meeting, the source at the Mosque said that a decision was taken to fire him.

“He has been relieved of his duties and was given two weeks to wind down his business in preparation for his journey back to India.

Four one way tickets back to India for him and family have also been purchased,The Voice has learnt.

The source said that Patel is now too embarrassed to join others for prayers and has therefore resorted to praying alone.

The Chairperson of the Muslim Community Ethanol Has, confirmed that indeed they have parted ways with Patel.

“It is something that we feel will not give us a good image and it is better we do not discuss it further because a decision has already been taken and he will be definitely going back to India.

Monnaagae refused to comment fearing that her husband may lose his job at the Mosque.

She referred any further enquiries to the Muslim leaders.

Patel refused to talk to this publication and demanded to know the person who leaked it.

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