I have noticed that there are some careers which are just overlooked and lack respect from the society. The Entertainment industry is especially criticised and understated.
If a child tells the parents that he/she wants to become a musician, a DJ or a promoter etc, all you get is anger and rage. This is something that I have noticed and I totally want this to change. This is not new as my dearest mother confirmed that parents felt this way during their time.

Most parents ba kgaoga pelo when a child mentions going into the entertainment industry. In fact, I think only one in 10 parents would allow their child to go into the entertainment industry. Most parents think that these are the signs that their child is turning into a rascal, which is not true!
There has been just a general assumption that when you are an entertainer you are a rascal. I am told musicians used to be referred to as bo Rrasekanta.
We all know that when a person branches into the music industry they usually struggle to make a name for themselves. It’s just hard as a rock. People start criticizing you, lose faith in you and they talk about how you’ll never make it. However, once you make your breakthrough, o bo o kgabola mo TV and your songs being played on radio, the same people want to be seen with you. And again the people want everyone to know that they know you somehow, somewhere the lines of your life.

Youngsters le bone get into the music industry with the aim of being famous. Some of them don’t even have the talent or the passion for music. All they want is to be seen on TV and to be heard on radio, and this is not how it works guys! Believe me, if you get into this industry with this mentality, you won’t succeed. The entertainment industry is a business just like any other , it’s a career just like any other.
International superstars like Jay-Z and Madonna treat what they do as business. They take it seriously as a career. Locally we have Vee as a perfect example of talented artists who treats his music as a business and we have DJ’s like Mr O who are doing intensively well. These guys don’t joke around, it’s serious business

Be it being a musician, a DJ or a promoter, this is not a game. If at all you have the passion for this and not forgetting the talent, make sure you pursue it. Take that passion and convert it into a business in which you will greatly benefit.
But remember that this business is as risky as the others, maybe even riskier. So it is advisable that you go to school and have a diploma or degree in something else so you can have a fallback option.
So parents, please don’t blow off your child off when he/she talks about going into the entertainment industry. Who knows, they might surprise you and become successful. As a parent, advise you child and tell him/her the ups and downs of this industry. Make sure the child knows that music and the rest is a career just like any other. Don’t discourage the child, support and guide him/her.

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i think one reason for the parents not to allow their kids to venture into the music industry is the competetion that is at play.the competewtion is like between the parents,which is like one parent have a friend who’s kid is a doctor or a nurse maybe a teacher so she/he will like their kid to compete with the neighbours child to get the same qualification.this is like ngwanaka ga o kake wa batla go tsamays masigo mo dibareng o opela o dira dilo tse di maswe fa ngwana wa ga mma Semangmang ene ele ngaka o batla go re… Read more »

Yebo Yes

Entertainment industry ga e shapo.



Yebo Yes

Only 1 out of a million artists ke ene yo o ka mo fitlhelang a nale boitshwaro jo bo sharpo. Go lwelwa gore o rile o nyala nna, ditlhopha di a thubega, go opelwa tshele e seng go ruta sechaba, mo Botswana ke sefe setlhopha se se iseng se thubege? O kgona go bona gore ke ditshele hela, go tlhaselanwa ka mafoko.

Chris M

Beautiful article and factual! The attitude and behaviour of music stars is what horrifies parents but if you approach it right, it is and should be an idustry that it is supposed to be! Botswana is economically diversifying and the entertainment industry, from performace arts, music to spot are supposed to be crucial part of that! We can’t all be scholars but scholars can in the end work for you when you are successful and invest into other forms of business! Where would David and Victoria Beckham be if it was not spot and showbiz! Don’t mix with wrong apples… Read more »


Dats nys! May parents let their children follow their dreams. I remember what my granny said 2 me when i was a kid he said what you think each and every day or what dream off each and every night is exactly what you are.