Murderer awaits fate

Francistown High Court Judge, Lot Moroka has pronounced Oduetse Mompoloki of Francistown guilty of murder

Mompoloki who was this week convicted of the murder of his girlfriend, Gaonyadiwe Gaolaolwe on March 7th, 2014 in Mahalapye outside a drinking place is expected back in court on March, 28th for mitigation and sentencing.

Before passing judgment Moroka stated that Mompoloki had in his confession statement indicated that the deceased had provoked him by insulting him and his parents and further admitted that he called her outside the depot to slap her with the back of the hand and hit her with his elbow.

The judge further said that the accused suggested that the deceased might have been involved in a fight with other girls or died of asthma, which was not true because evidence tendered by Batshidisi Madume, who was at the depot on the same day, indicated that someone had called her (Madume) to go outside where she found Gaolaolwe lying down, the accused moving up and down beside her dead body.

Madume said Gaolaolwe was not involved in any fight.

“You said you slapped her once and hit her with an elbow but medical records indicate that she was assaulted many times and had abrasions on the line of the forehead, left eye, neck and injuries inside the head. Also it shows that she died of head and brain injuries from something hard that was used on the deceased,’’ the judge said.

The prosecution had proved beyond reasonable doubt that the deceased died from brain injuries caused by the accused and that the assault was unlawful therefore the accused had intentions.

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