Conversation from a combi

Travelling in a bus from Selebi-Phikwe to Gaborone on Monday Voice reporter, Phillimon Mmeso listened to a conversation centered on the recent murder of a 11 year old boy by his mother and step-father who have since appeared in court facing the charges. An old woman and a bald man sitting together spoke about how they were shocked by the cruelty of the two accused at the same wondering if the crime had anything to do with muti. The conversation was later joined by a middle aged woman.

FAT LADY: I’m afraid of muti! If it can make someone tell her boyfriend to kill an innocent child.

BALD MAN: Why do you think there is muti involved?

FAT LADY: That man gave the woman a love portion that is why she let her kill the child.  A normal person can’t do that.

BALD MAN: But what kind of love is that letting a man kill your own son.

FAT LADY: You know, when these love portions expire such things are bound to happen.

Middle aged woman joins the conversation

MIDDLE AGED WOMAN: Those people are not normal didn’t you see the handwriting which looked like they were just scribbling. They must be sent to a mental hospital

FAT LADY: Hey! (Raising her voice) They are normal, I am adamant the man used muti to boost the woman’s love if not blind her so that she can allow such things to happen.

MIDDLE AGED WOMAN: I don’t think that’s the case, there was no muti involved, that was just pure madness.

BALD MAN: We have never had this kind of cruelty in Botswana they must be hanged period or sentenced to life in prison. We cannot have such people back in society.

FAT LADY: But I think the police and the family are also to blame, why didn’t they take the child away?

MIDDLE AGED WOMAN: Maybe they didn’t know that he was being abused

FAT LADY: Ah, you are disappointing me (pointing at the middle aged woman) for trying to defend the family, they must have known because when a child is being abused you can tell.

BALD MAN: I think he does not have a child that is why she is saying this.

FAT LADY: Ah! But that was the most painful and sad story I have ever read in my life and I pray we will never get to hear of such things again.

MIDDLE AGED WOMAN: But seriously, those two either need medical attention or spiritual healing.  They must have been possessed by evil spirits!

BALD MAN: My child you read too much of the bible! Ian (President Khama) is going to hang them! They are cruel than Ghadaffi and Mugabe because they can’t kill their own children.

MIDDLE AGED WOMAN: Ijoo! I am sorry I thought we were just discussing the issue of the killed boy, if you are now bringing Mugabe and Ghadaffi then I am shutting my mouth.

FAT LADY: We are not discussing but mourning the brutal killing of a child my dear! The nation is still angry and you come with your sophisticated theories.

(The bald man shakes his head and murmurs and someone at the back whispers ‘maybe he is crying’).

BALD MAN: Can we drop this issue please.  It is painful.

FAT LADY: Yeah let’s do that before things get out of hand.

The journey continues in silence until the bus reaches Gaborone bus rank where passengers disembark and head for their various final destinations.

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tota kgang ya ngwana yoo bolailweng yo ga e ka ke ya nna modiga,we r stil mournin……fa dilo tsone tse go tweng ke batsadi ba gagwe di ka kalediwa ke gone re ka didimalang.


Kgang e e a ntidisa nako tsotlhe fa ke e utlwa. Ga ba tsenwe, e bile ga ba loiwa, e bile ga ba dirise molemo. Ke maduo a go nna an abuser. If you a abusing a child somehow, please stop today.

Sharia law ke yone e neng e siame, a ba atlholwe ke tle ke nne mongwe wa ba ntlha go ba kgobotletsa ka maje. Dilo tse ga dia siamela sechaba, di tlile go re fetsa, fa o bona ba betsa, ba kaletsa, ba bolaya ba bo ba fitlha ba le nosi, rona ba ka re ja nama, o nkutlwe.


ke kopa gore batho ba the voice ba iketle pele ka kgang e, we r stil mournin and ngwana yo o na le masika so fa e ntse e buiwa gantsi jaana ba a amega. re tla bua after katlholo.


M still at pains. Life of an innocent, defenceless child cut short like that. Aish!!!!!

may be bane ba palelwa ke go tlhokomela then they ended his life……ija dilo tsa setswana kana ga ba le hoo ba ne ba batla go ikhumisa ka losea lwa bone,,,,shame upon them,,,,gatlwe one a tsholelwang eng….


This is not about black magic etc. – This is about CHILD ABUSE – parents being irresponsible- not capable enough to take care and deal with children


“MIDDLE AGED WOMAN: Maybe they didn’t know that he was being abused”
Possibly- probably they could not recognise the signs of AN ABUSED CHILD-One would think by now ALL the Childrens Organisations, and authorities including Chiefs in the Villages would be putting their heads together to try and prevent this tragedy from ever occurring again and ensuring that CHILDREN ARE PROTECTED


kante batho ba the voice bone ba nna ba reeditse dikgang tsa batho fela.Ba ka tswa ba itsenyetsa motswakonyana mo teng!


I am trying to find if parenting can be a skill that one could teach in a formal institution. I believe it could, just like we teach medicine to produce doctors, teaching for teachers etc. We should be able to teach parenting as a course and skill to produce parents of the future. If we start with the std 7 and up, we should be able to arrest a lot of ills related to bad parenting. At the moment we rely on natural instincts and we all know that the modern human being is not as intuitive as the earlier… Read more »


i dnt see hw dis issue can be laid to rest.JUSTICE IS AN EYE FOR AN EYE as said by JUDGE KIM