Murder she wrote
Caroline Roberts


Letter claims missing woman was a member of a cult

The frantic search for Caroline Roberts-Otto, the woman who went missing in Gaborone last week has been called off, but police investigations continue as the mystery of her disappearance deepens.

In an interesting twist to the tale of her sudden disappearance, Roberts-Otto is said to have left a letter suggesting she was a member of a cult that compelled her to disappear or risk being killed.

In the two-page letter seen by The Voice, but is yet to be authenticated, the missing woman starts by apologizing to her family for putting them through all the heartache.

But she continues to reassure them that she has nothing but love for them and pleads with the family to take care of her children whilst she is gone.

She also shares more daring information of why she chose to “end her life” in the letter addressed to her husband.

“In 2010 I joined a cult called “The Church,” the letter reads and suggests that to date Roberts-Otto has given the cult up to P10 Million. In the letter she further describes a scenario where her husband had enquired about the large sums of money in their joint bank account, which she had lied that it were funds from work. She confesses that the money belonged to their cult, The Church. “Remember when you asked me about the money in our account and I told you it was for work, I lied it was their money,” reads the letter.

Roberts-Otto further confesses why she finally decided to disappear, saying in the letter that last week Monday she stole about P 300 000 from her workplace to give to The Church and that one of her bosses was threatening to report her to the police.

She said that the strict rules with the “The Church” are that none of the members should in anyway get into trouble, especially with the law.

She says that after they found out that she was in trouble The Church threatened to kill her and her children. The letter says her only way out was to fake her death and or disappearance.

After giving The Church the current installment, she was promised to be made an elder and receive a hefty P 5 million for her position, the letter alleges.

“They promised to make me an elder. They were to give me P 5 million in September,” the letter further reads in part.

When she went missing…

Roberts-Otto was last seen around the Gaborone International Commerce Park area around 9am on March 9 2017.

Station Commander at Old Naledi Police, King Tshebo, confirmed this and said that they received the report of the missing woman last week Thursday.

“The search for the woman began instantly. We were then led to an abandoned vehicle near the Gaborone dam, which belonged to her. Inside the car were some of her belongings,” Tshebo confirmed.

The police further say they then noticed that the missing woman’s jacket was left deserted near the dam and they started looking for her.

By Saturday midday the Police called off the search for the woman around the Gaborone dam area.

Quizzed about the letter the woman left and its contents the Old Naledi boss refused to be dragged into the matter only saying “We are currently investigating the matter, as you know that we called off the search over the weekend, the police are still collecting all the information possible to locate her.”

On Wednesday afternoon her husband, Johann Otto, also confirmed that his wife had left a note but refused to go into detail.

He said that the case was being handled by the Police and that they are concentrating on finding his wife. “I do not want to comment on that at the moment.

The police are handling everything, this is a very sensitive matter. we are still in shock,” he said.

When pressed further about the contents of the letter Johann said he could only share the letter with The Voice at a later time.

He however said he did not know that his wife was a member of a cult adding that he only got to know through the letter she left him.

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