Murder on good Friday
DIED IN CUSTODY: Kenyaditswe

Taxi driver dies in custody Police accused of a cover-up

A family in Gweta is accusing Francistown police of covering up a possible murder of their son Boitshepho “Bisto” Kenyaditswe (37).

The popular taxi driver who resided in Monarch Area XI, was last seen by friends last Thursday when police arrested him in Blue Town.

Kenyaditswe’s body is currently lying at Nyangagbwe Referral Hospital mortuary awaiting examination by a pathologist.

Confirming the incident Police Spokesperson Senior Superintendent Dipheko Motube said the suspect was questioned by the police on the 30th.

“He was wanted in connection with robberies of automated teller machines and possession of explosives,” Motube said.

“During the interrogation he said he was not feeling well and he was rushed to a local hospital where he was certified dead,” Motube told The Voice, adding that investigations on his death are ongoing.

A nephew of the dead popular taxi man, Kgothatso Eletsang told The Voice that they learnt of the death of his uncle on Friday evening. Eletsang and some family members travelled from Gweta on Wednesday morning to enquire from the police about the whereabouts of ‘Bisto’.

“Unconfirmed reports states that he was arrested by the police in connection with a robbery. It is however not clear where exactly the crime took place,” said Eletsang.

The distraught nephew said he also learnt from the grapevine that some of Kenyaditswe’s friends were also wanted in connection with the said robbery.

Murder on good Friday

“To my surprise the two were never arrested. I was told they were in hiding as Secret Service was on their trail. I managed to contact them as they are the last people to see my uncle alive,” he said.

“I demanded that they should hand themselves in to the police as I believed it would help with information on the death of my uncle,” Eletsang said.

The Voice met the two fugitives for an exclusive interview just moments before they handed themselves at Central Police Station.

Unangoni Toteng and Kuenzakele Elias Mari both aged 35 partied with ‘Bisto’ on Tuesday and Wednesday and they claim it was the last time they saw him.

“I hired his car for a special delivery at one of my customers who rewarded me with P300 and we came back and imbibed until the bar closed,” said Toteng.

He further said on Thursday he learnt about Kenyaditswe’s arrest and news that CID officers were also looking for him and Mari.

“They came to my girlfriend’s house armed with pistols and asked her to send them a text message the moment I got back,” said a visibly shaken Toteng.

He said although he was shaken he didn’t have sleepless night until the next day when he learnt about Kenyaditswe’s death.

Murder on good Friday

“An informer told us that they tortured him until he died and threatened to do the same to us,” he said.

“It was at this point that we decided that the best thing was to hand ourselves in,” chipped in Mari.

Mari even suggested that they should hand themselves to the District Commissioner who’ll then hand them in to the police.

“We want everyone to know that we are in custody, and that should anything happen to us, they should blame the police,” he said.

Toteng told The Voice of his encounter in the police in the ‘torture chamber’.

“I was once tortured until I nearly passed out. The police kept me locked up until all my bruises were gone. They are experts at it, they’ll batter you and nurse you back to health leaving no evidence,” he said.

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