MENTAL ASYLUM: Sbrana Psychiatric Hospital

A murder accused who escaped from state custody this week while he was about to be admitted at Sbrana Psychiatric Hospital in Lobatse has been recaptured.

Tshepo Osekile Gabashe, who was convicted for the murder of his own father was sent for psychiatric evaluation after he gruesomely murdered his father.

He had initially been incarcerated for 12-years after he was convicted for grievously injuring the old man and upon release he went home and killed him.

On Monday he escaped under the watch of prison officials but was later arrested in Lobatse.

Acting Permament Secretary in the Ministry of Health and Wellness, Morris Simvula confirmed the incident. “I can confirm that a patient was brought to our office and escaped from prison officials this morning. I can however confirm that the patient was re arrested this afternoon and has been re admitted at the Sbrana hospital. Please refer to the Prison’s officials for further details,” Simvula noted.

Gabashe now faces a charge of murder, for killing his father Olefile Gabashe by allegedly beating him with a metal rod and then repeatedly stabbing him with a sharp metal object.

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