Murder accused goes free

Prosecution drop charges with no explanation

A man awaiting trial for the murder of his girlfriend received a late Christmas present on Wednesday when he was told the charges against him had been dropped.

Having spent the last year in jail, 41-year-old Michael Ndaba could not believe his luck when, appearing before Francistown Magistrates Court, he learnt he was a free man.

The unexpected development was down to the Acting Director of Public Prosecution, Wesson Gape Manchwe, who instructed court to terminate the criminal proceedings against Ndaba.

To add to the confusion, Manchwe did not provide reasons why the case should be discontinued.

Minutes later a beaming Ndaba was striding happily out of court, gleefully showing his certificate for release to envious inmates awaiting trial.

The unemployed Tatisiding native had been charged with the murder of his lover, Batebi Machola, who was stabbed to death on the 5th of January 2017 in Ditladi village.

Back then, Ndaba had appeared before court looking gaunt and frail, having allegedly tried to commit suicide by swallowing battery acid.

A year later and, looking well-fed and healthy, standing outside court a free man, Ndaba told The Voice he believes it was God’s will for him to be acquitted.

“I spent a year in prison but it was not easy at all thinking of my four children day and night.

“The first thing I am going to do when I get home is to check if my yard is truly the one I left and then check on friends and relatives to inform them I am out,” he said, adding that he is a trained builder and intends to look for work.

“I have to know that God is there and will refrain from bad things,” he closed, his eyes shining with excitement as he ponders a future out of jail.

However, Ndaba’s freedom may be short lived.

The father-of-four has another pending murder case stretching back to August 2013.

Ndaba is accused of killing one Morena Jonas, who died after sustaining several stab wounds to the body delivered from a sharp object.

Currently on bail for the matter, he will appear for trial on the 8th of February this year.

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