HELPING HAND: Mummy Angels and Kwando Safaris stock up for future donation

Giving birth is supposedly a joyous moment for many mothers, but it can be quite depressing when a single and needy mother has no clothes or blankets to cover her newborn.

It is against this background that a group of three Maun based women have dedicated their time to donating bag hampers for women who find themselves in this situation.

The women, who call themselves ‘Mummy Angels’ in partnership with Kwando Safaris, have been donating bag hampers to new mothers, especially at Letsholathebe hospital in Maun since May last year.

“Some women who are in labour, arrive at the hospital without financial or family support for themselves or the baby. Mummy Angels team give these mothers and babies a bit of a head start or make at least the first days easier. As you know baby products do not come cheap, so we want to give the mother as much as can be comfortable,” explained Rochelle Katz, one of Mummy Angel’s founders.

Among the hampers, they give out baby and maternity essentials, including toiletry, sleepwear and clothes. Lately they have added food hampers.

“It is amazing to be able to help, but it is heartbreaking to see someone going through that kind of suffering. You cannot walk away feeling completely happy because you will be aware that there is always going to be need, the person you are helping has more challenges ahead,” added Katz.

The team works hand in hand with hospital nurses who assess patients and call for donations where there is need. Since May last year, the team has donated nineteen bags.

“We only donate to Maun community. We want to keep it local so we can inspire other fortunate mothers out there to form other teams and give back to their communities. Again it is practical to respond fast to people within your locality,” added Katz.

Mummy Angels enjoys the support of local community and businesses especially their main donor, Kwando safaris.

The travel and tours company’s Human Resource Manager, Thuso Sarefo, stated that they do get donations from their clients which they in turn match with equal value: “We ask guests to donate and we match whatever they donate; If they donate P100, we match it. If a donation of P500 is made for example, we may buy food hampers worth the same amount or clothes worth the same amount, depending on the need.”

SMILING ANGELS: Rochelle Katz and Thuso Sarefo

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